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The Coolest Car I’ve Ever Seen

Photo by www.scion.com Featured Writer Leslie Branch shares her views on The Coolest Car she’s Ever Seen. Take it away Leslie… 2011 Scion tC Tuner Challenge Winner by Shawn Baker The Coolest Car I’ve Ever Seen Believe it or not, … Continue reading

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Matte Is The New Gloss – Makes This Mazda 3 Look Zoom-Zoomier Than Ever!

Check this out! Not only does a matte finish make your car less susceptible to light scratches, it also hides traces of minor dirt and dust! And it looks really awesome on modified cars. Just like this snazzy Mazda 3. … Continue reading

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Honda Civic FD K20 Turbo Install by Speedlab

Speedlab installs a Subaru IHI VF43 20G turbo into a Honda Civic FD K20 Engine for a whopping 240WHP at 6000RPM, and a massive 302Nm torque at 5000RPM! Whoever says Hondas are torqueless pocket rockets will be dumbfounded by this. … Continue reading

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Coolest-Looking Toyota Corolla AE86 Body Kit

Nowadays, it’s been pretty hard to find extremely good looking off-the-shelf body kits for the venerable Toyota Corolla AE86. And since it’s been hard to find good examples here in the Philippines, we’d sometimes have to resort to looking for … Continue reading

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AC Schnitzer Tunes The New BMW X1

“Joy Is The New BMW X1” – That’s what the folks at BMW say about their latest creation. But really, what is the BMW X1? By the looks of it, it’s not like any vehicle we’ve ever seen out there. … Continue reading

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Top Gear Car Review: Ford Shelby Mustang GT500


“They say his mere presence at the Camsur Watersports Complex, which is 180 kilometers from the Province of Albay, induced fear in the Mayon Volcano that it eased its magma pressure. All we know is… he’s called THE aSTIG.“ We … Continue reading

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SoundRacer – Make Your 4-Cylinder Engine Sound Like A V10


Plug the SoundRacer into your cigarette lighter and get rev-matched V8 or V10 engine sounds transmitted to your FM radio. It makes your car sound as if it has something else underneath. What do we think? Well, this if you … Continue reading

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TricPlate Switchable License Plate Cover


The TricPlate won the 2008 SEMA show’s Best Technology award. It was meant to be a simple way to protect the privacy of show cars during shows and events. The TricPlate currently comes in 2 variants: The Motorcycle TricPlate which … Continue reading

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The MotionLite Wheel Illuminators

The MotionLite Wheel Illuminators were showcased in the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas last November 3-6, 2009. They call this the ultimate in wheel illumination. It fits most cars, trucks, and SUVs via included universal mounting brackets included in … Continue reading

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2009 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

The new Hyundai Genesis Coupe is already being sold here in the Philippines. The top-of-the-line version, with the 3.8L LAMBDA engine, has already been reviewed by our friends at Auto Industriya. We’ve seen some marketing at Sulit.com about it. Now … Continue reading

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