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Circuit Showdown 5th Leg at Clark International Speedway – July 3, 2010 (Action Shots)

The thrilling, adrenaline-filled racing series – Circuit Showdown, goes back to the same venue where it held its very first leg – Clark International Speedway. But this time around, it was even more action-packed than ever before! Read on to … Continue reading

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2010 Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship Round 4

Hello to all car enthusiasts! Welcome to round 4 of the 2010 Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship! It was wet and wild for this round so this round was a bit special. After negotiating with the weather, Alex Perez of Team … Continue reading

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Turbocharged Honda EK9 Civic Type-R vs. Nissan Skylines (Epic Video)

Yes there were Mazda RX-7 FD’s in this video, but the epic battle was between the Turbo Honda EK9 Civic Type-R, and the army of Nissan Skylines. Watch as the little Civic gives the Skylines a run for their money. … Continue reading

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Engine Tech: Old-School Toyota 2TG as a Race or Drift Powerplant?

Its been a while back since I have done this engine type. Looking back at this experience, I have come to the conclusion that this is very much like the V8’s I have worked with all these years sans the … Continue reading

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Team Land Rover Philippines – China-Sanya International 4×4 Challenge

Following last year’s win in the Electric Winch Category of the China-Sanya International 4×4 Challenge with their Land Rover Defender 90 which we’ve previously featured here at CustomPinoyRides (Land Rover Defender 90 by Team Land Rover philippines), the team is … Continue reading

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Engine Tech: The Effects of Ignition Timing on Horsepower

We discussed previously how an engine exhibiting below normal total ignition requirements is indicative of an efficient engine. The example given previously was that of a Racing Engine producing maximum power with 34-38 degrees of total lead or timing.

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Engine Tech: How To Break-in your High-Performance Street or Racing Engine

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to drive 500-2000 miles before your engine is “broken-in”. Imagine having to drive your Hot-Rod or road racer from Los Angeles to San Francisco or worse yet Manila to Baguio! I know of … Continue reading

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Circuit Showdown 4nd Leg at Subic International Raceway – June 5, 2010 (Action Shots)

Photos from Circuit Showdown Mother Nature has brought something different over the weekend to make the 4th leg of the race all the more interesting – RAIN! Lots and lots of rain. The highly experienced race drivers of the Circuit … Continue reading

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Engine Tech: Spark Plugs and Ignition Systems (Copper, Iridium, Platinum, etc.)

Since the advent of the “OTTO CYCLE” . 4 Stroke internal combustion engines has relied on the Spark Plug to initiate the process of Igniting the air/fuel mixture. A lot has been improve on the engines, from overhead cams to … Continue reading

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Race Video: R34 GT-R Skyline vs. Turbo AE86 vs. N/A AE86. Who will win?

On my previous post featuring Enzo Pastor’s AE86, I mentioned that you should be wary of an AE86 out on the track when it is in the hands of a very capable driver. Well here is a perfect example. The … Continue reading

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