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Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap Product Launch at MINI Philippines (Video)

Video by Errol Panganiban As we’ve announced early this month, the world’s best automotive wrap – Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film, has landed on our shores and has held their product launch and demo last September 27-28 at the MINI … Continue reading

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Avery Supreme Wrapping Film – Product Launch Philippines

Happy Monday everyone! What’s up! For those looking to customize and change the look of their rides soon, we’ve got something in store for you! If you recall, we’ve previously talked about the Pros and Cons, if you should either … Continue reading

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Benchmark Study on what is the BEST AUTOMOTIVE WRAP

Our recent post entitled “Pros and Cons: Should You PAINT or WRAP Your Car?” got quite a lot of attention. And this got the people who preferred to wrap their cars to ask the question – “What is the BEST … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons: Should You PAINT or WRAP Your Car?

Right, since there has obviously been a steady increase in the number of “wrapped” cars that you’ll see both in car shows, and around the streets of Metro Manila, many people have been asking the question – “Should I Paint … Continue reading

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Petronas Lubricants Now Available in the Philippines!

Photos by Philip Aragones Though Petronas had actually started offering their lubricants in the market since December 2010, they have now made their presence felt in the Automotive Scene in the event last June 22 entitled “Petronas – Liquid and … Continue reading

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Why Do Race Cars Have Single / Mono Wipers?

Photos copyright of their respective owners Have you ever asked yourself why race cars only utilize one wiper as compared to their production model counterparts? This is a question that boggles the mind, and has been asked over and over … Continue reading

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ROTA Wheels: Turning Simple Cars into Forms of Art (Grid Type-X on a Daihatsu Feroza)

Let’s face it. Not everyone can afford the latest and greatest rides on the planet. If so, then Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Rolls-Royces would just become vehicles for the masses. So unless you’re something akin to an Arab Shiek, business tycoon, … Continue reading

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Which HID Kit is Right For You?


In the quest of customizing our rides, as well as getting better night driving visibility (and being noticed by onlookers), the most common aftermarket upgrade that auto enthusiasts do to their rides is replacing the Halogen Bulbs of the headlights … Continue reading

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IGNITION: Project H1 Hummer

Video by Wreckless, Inc. In this episode of IGNITION, Ian King and Struan Wallace are given the difficult task of turning the desert storming tank of a vehicle – the Hummer H1, into a Porsche Boxter eating drag warrior by … Continue reading

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Custom Automotive Furniture – Office Table/Desk by Atoy Customs

Have you ever had those days wherein you find yourself sitting behind your desk, closing your eyes, imagining being free from all the stress of the world, and just visualize you doing that thing you love doing the most? Imagine … Continue reading

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