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E92 BMW M3 plus Honda Odyssey equals Most Awesome BMW Van Conversion


This is perhaps the world’s first BMW Van ever made… Well not by BMW of course. It’s a custom conversion combining a Honda Odyssey with an E92 BMW M3 front end. And by God it looks totally awesome! Minus the … Continue reading

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Thought that Sparks only come from the Engine? You haven’t seen This Toyota Vios Yet!


If you thought that sparks are only meant for inside the engine, then you haven’t seen anything yet. This custom Toyota Vios has more sparks on the inside than a Bugatti Veyron has cylinders. And by inside, I mean the … Continue reading

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American Chopper Sale in the Philippines


Ever dreamed of having your very own custom “American Chopper” here in the Philippines? Well here’s one example we’ve found at sulit.com. Specifications: Product dimensions: 2,350 x 940 x 870mm Engine: 200cc 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooling Starting system: kick … Continue reading

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The problem with Koenigsegg Doors


Nothing else in the Automotive industry screams “look at me” in front of a crowded street than opening your car’s trick door system. However, these are not without its drawbacks. With Lamborghini doors and Mercedes Gullwing doors, you will have … Continue reading

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How to Modify your Car to Drive it using your iPhone

car surfing

The control systems have been built into the interior of the car, and the whole system rigged for Wi-Fi communication to allow you to control it using your iPhone. Throttle and brakes are touch-screen controlled, and steering is via gyroscopic … Continue reading

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Custom 1997 Honda Shadow

Since its first release in 1983, the Honda Shadow has become one of the coolest and most loved cruiser motorcycles around. The laid-back look, with swept-back handlebars, low seat height, and feet-forward footpegs give it a very relaxed and casual … Continue reading

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How to Make a Nissan Skyline R33 GTR Pickup out of a Nissan Cefiro A31


We all know the Nissan Skyline R33 GTR wasn’t sold through our local dealerships, and if you want one, you’d have to get one imported from Japan. However, the Nissan Cefiro A31 was a version that was released here. So … Continue reading

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The MotionLite Wheel Illuminators

The MotionLite Wheel Illuminators were showcased in the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas last November 3-6, 2009. They call this the ultimate in wheel illumination. It fits most cars, trucks, and SUVs via included universal mounting brackets included in … Continue reading

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A Suzuki Vitara that has More than what Meets the Eye

The first line I was supposed to write in this article is “Does anyone know who owns this?”. But I was extremely lucky that it changed. This is because when I first saw this cool Suzuki Vitara, I was awe-stricken. … Continue reading

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Kid Audio


Kid Audio is one of the most prominent car audio shops in the Philippines today. Owned and run by Frederick C. De Guzman, who is a db Drag Race Record Holder and Sound Quality Champion, Kid Audio definitely knows what … Continue reading

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