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Honda Civic EG6 vs Mazda RX8 Touge Run

If you race a modified Honda EG6 against an equally modified Mazda RX8 on a mountain pass or “Touge”, most people would say the RX8 would come out as the winner. But this particular Civic has an ace up its … Continue reading

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A Honda Civic SiR that’s got More JDM than Yours – by Fixstop, Auto Junction, and Han D Job Auto Salon


The (EK) Honda Civic SiR is what I consider as a “keeper”. It’s the last to come out of Honda’s factory stable with the B-series engine. And by now, the car enthusiasts who are lucky enough to own an SiR … Continue reading

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How to build a Spoon Civic Type-R Replica

This is an excellent replica of the Spoon Civic Type-R. Every sponsor logo has been replicated as close as possible to the original. Including the Red Honda Badges! Even the rear spoiler and diffuser has been replicated as close as … Continue reading

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Honda Civic Hatchback by WarpZone New Age Customs

Yes, you read it right. This is… or was… a Honda Civic EG Hatchback. But if you’re starting to doubt, well that’s because the front end looks different. It looks more like this… That’s right. It’s the Audi R8! Just … Continue reading

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Honda Civic SiR customized by Kid Audio

Have you ever heard the saying: “I drive a Honda Civic SiR. It’s unique! Just like everybody else’s.”? The difficult thing about these cars is that a lot of people have it, that you have to really do something to … Continue reading

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