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Nigel Gayares’ “The Punisher” Suzuki Vitara by 199 Offroad House

When you hear the name “Suzuki Vitara”, you picture a tiny capable little 4×4 that blends well in city traffic and, well, doesn’t really stand out in the foray of CRV’s and RAV4’s that cruise the metro. But when you … Continue reading

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Girl Racers Club Ultimate SUV: Irene Busque’s Hummer H2

So you think only rock stars and celebrities can roll in a pimped-out Hummer H2? You’re dead wrong! A Girl Racer can also play this game. Who? Well, no other than Irene Busque of the Girl Racers Club. And when … Continue reading

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Mitsubishi Pajero by Pitstop Customz and Bombilyaz

How can you make something as hot as this: From something as ordinary as this? Take it to Pitstop Customz and Bombilyaz! Pitstop Customz took a standard run-of-the-mill 2nd Generation Mitsubishi Pajero and began work on the front doors. Try … Continue reading

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The Range Revo – Super Tamaraw FX


The original Toyota Tamaraw FX was named after the Tamaraw – the largest native terrestrial mammal in the Philippines. The vehicle is known for its ruggedness and ease of maintenance. But somehow, the name “Tamaraw” still doesn’t seem to fit … Continue reading

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Who is THE aSTIG?


THE aSTIG is the name given to the mysterious custom-vehicle connoisseur of CustomPinoyRides.com. He is not to be confused with The Stig of Top Gear, though attribution goes to The Stig. THE aSTIG’s name is derived from the Filipino word … Continue reading

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Dong Feng Hummer H1 comes in a Variety of Colors for the Civilian Market


Previously, we’ve shown you that the Chinese Hummer H1 called the Dong Feng EQ2050 Series – High Utility Mobile Vehicle (HUM-Vee) is already on sale in the Philippines. Now, we’re just showing you that apart from having different configurations, it … Continue reading

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Land Rover Philippines 60th year event held at Eton City Santa Rosa Laguna

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Subaru Impreza STi plus Tank equals KEN BLOCK’S TRAX STI CAR


What do you get when you mix a Tank and a Subrau Impreza STI? You get Ken Block’s TRAX STI Car. It’s Christmas season, and in other parts of the world, we have snow, snow, and more snow. So watch … Continue reading

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Chinese Hummer H1 For Sale in the Philippines | Dong Feng EQ2050 Series – High Utility Mobile Vehicle (HUM-Vee)


In case you don’t know it yet, the original Hummer H1 a.k.a. High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV, or Humvee), has already been discontinued. But the thing is, vehicles like these are keepers. They are already timeless classics in their … Continue reading

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This 4×4 Ride Says: “I Eat Typhoon Ondoy for Breakfast!” | Best Off Roader – 2009 Manila Auto Salon


This ride has been aptly named “Ondoy” for its sheer size, ride height, and massive proportions. If typhoon Ondoy were to strike again, this ride would be more than capable of tackling most of the stuff Ondoy could throw in. … Continue reading

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