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Ken Block’s Gymkhana Grid (Video)

Video by Joshua Herron Gymkhana here, gymkhana there… If you’ve been following CustomPinoyRides.com, then you’re already aware that we are very much into gymkhana. Why? Because we believe that Gymkhana is the ultimate form of car control, combining different driving … Continue reading

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Gangsta Cefiro Phototuned by The Jordan

I was talking to CustomPinoyRides Photo Tuner Jordan and mentioned that I always wanted a black Cefiro on chrome Carlsson Evo wheels to make it look VIP’d. But since the car that he phototuned was Toycool Garage’s old Drift Cefiro, … Continue reading

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2010 GYMKHANA DAZE Coverage by Collin Yap

Photos by Collin Yap The epicness of the GYMKHANA DAZE event is hard to beat. With many positive reviews from participants and attendees alike, this is definitely something worth doing again and again. That’s why this 2011, we’re having 4 … Continue reading

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Enzo Pastor Shows Us How It’s Done at Circuit Showdown!!!

Video by Edward “Hazardboy” de la Rosa What do you get when you give racing driver Enzo Pastor the keys to a super fast, fully-stripped-out, turbocharged Honda Civic race car? You get one hell of a ride, that’s what! Now … Continue reading

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Bumblebee Optra Camaro by Javelin Concepts

Photos from Jan Viktor Maceda If you’ve ever watched the Transformers movie then you’re very much familiar with Bumblebee. So much that when you see a yellow Chevrolet Camaro, you and other people around you go like “Look it’s Bumblebee!”. … Continue reading

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Slammed and Dub’d Out Baller Chevy Truck

Slammed and Dub’d out. Yup, you’re definitely a baller if you roll on a truck like this. Manly, utilitarian, and fashionable. What more could you ask for?

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Sport Bikes Can Also Look Good Standing Still!!!

Photo by Arvin Lim of Arvin Lim Photography The CPR Car Photography Club has surely taken-off since it was launched in the beginning of 2011. Totally awesome to find a lot of Pinoys who are into motorsports photography not just … Continue reading

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The Original Zoom-Zoom: The Mazda RX-7 FC

Yes, the Mazda RX-7 FC is the original zoom-zoom. Having won many awards and accolades in its day, it is still fully capable of beating the living guts out of many sports cars today. This car will always, and truly … Continue reading

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Monster Energy Road Killer Honda Civic EF

See that massive air intake? It has the ability to suck in small animals and children. You’ve been warned. It says so on the hood. This thing is a Road Killer. We have no reason to tell you the percentage, … Continue reading

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Stanced Euro: 1987 Mercedes-Benz E-Class – It’s VIP Yo!

They say the history of VIP Style modifications have their roots linked to the Yakuza, where they modified rear-wheel-drive Japanese sedans to look like limousines, taking some design cues from Mercedes AMG cars, instead of using European sedans, so as … Continue reading

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