A Suzuki Vitara that has More than what Meets the Eye

The first line I was supposed to write in this article is “Does anyone know who owns this?”. But I was extremely lucky that it changed. This is because when I first saw this cool Suzuki Vitara, I was awe-stricken. So I took this first snapshot:
Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara
And then thought posting it on my blog to ask around who owned it so I can do a formal feature.

The first time I saw this Vitara, I only caught a glimpse of its backside. What drew my attention was its stance as compared to the Pajero beside it. It was obviously lifted, and exposed the familiar tread pattern of Mudstar Radial Mud Terrain Tires which is the same type I run on my Land Rover. Apart from that, call me crazy but I’m sure a lot of you auto enthusiasts can relate with me when I say I can sense there’s something else lurking underneath the skin of this vehicle, because the “Aura” is different… I can sense it has more energy compared to that of a normal Vitara. Plus of course the visible lockable hubs replacing the auto hubs found in Vitaras of standard trim.

But then I put the thought aside and decided to leave it as I might look suspicious taking pictures of it with a non-discreet SLR camera, and just went back to going about my business on why I was really in that location. “Daym! I can’t help it! It’s calling my attention!”, I say to myself, despite the fact that I was more than a hundred yards away, and the Vitara wasn’t in plain sight. I could imagine this Vitara ripping through the trails, slinging mud, and traversing unpassable terrain. I wanted to see what’s underneath it to find out what it’s capable of!

Answering it’s call, I came back for a closer inspection. True enough, upon checking under the front suspension, I found a coil-sprung solid axle in place of the original independent front suspension
Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara Front Solid Axle
which I immediatly took a snapshot of, half hoping the owner would spot me checking his ride out.

While checking my shot, a little boy crept up beside me and was peeping over my shoulder checking out my shot. So I got a hint and asked if the Vitara was his dad’s car; to which he replied: “No, it’s our car.” So I stood up and looked behind me to find his dad, and the owner of the vehicle, Mr. Vitoy Mallari. What luck, the owner! I would no longer have to go through the trouble of asking and starting this article as “Does anyone know who owns this?”.

I promptly introduced myself and asked if it would be okay to feature his snazzy Vitara on these very pages. He agreed! And with that, here are more detailed shots (with his 2 children as models), as well as the spec sheet below.

Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara Rear Axle
The wider stance is courtesy of Toyota Mini Cruiser Solid Axles.

Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara Driver's Side
A Safari Snorkel is visible from this side, adding deep water wading to its already impressive offroad capabilities. Also seen here is a locking front hub. Tires are 31×10.5 r15 Nankang Mudstar Radial MTs on alloy wheels.

Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara Rear Suspension
A closeup view of the Rear Suspension.

Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara Front Suspension
The custom front suspension was redesigned to suit the solid front axle.

Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara and Kids
Vitoy’s kids. Parting words from Vitoy: “This is actually my son’s ride. Coz he likes it!” Wow what a dad!


1997 Suzuki Vitara JLX
Toyota Solid Axle Conversion
Custom Suspension
31×10.5 r15 Nankang Mudstar Radial Mud Terrains
Safari Snorkel

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Don’t Follow Me. You Won’t Make It! – Range Rover

Imagine yourself driving home, relaxed, enjoying the music, while smoothly negotiating the curves and zigzags on the way to your peak-of-the-mountain hacienda. Suddenly, you notice a pair of headlights in your rear-view mirror. Realizing that it’s the same set of headlights following you since you had left the city, you become absolutely aware that the vehicle behind is following you…

Do you start to worry? Nope. Are you afraid? Nah. What you feel is pure and utter confidence that the vehicle behind you won’t get you. Because that’s precisely the reason why you have that “Dont Follow Me… You Won’t Make It!” sticker on your rear windscreen!
Don't Follow Me. You Won't Make It! - Range Rover

As you get near the driveway going to your hacienda, you signal left, teasing your stalker, and then drive UP the road on what is to be your driveway… Wait a minute! What road? Hah! Let’s see them try and follow you now!

The next day, well… It’s just another ordinary day in a Range Rover.

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Don’t follow me. You won’t make it. – Range Rover

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DIY Auto Detailing Part 4: Wheels and Tires

Greetings to the CustomPinoyRides community! Thank you for your continued patronage. Welcome to our fourth installment of the much read DIY Auto Detailing thread. If you haven’t been able to follow our previous topics, here’s a brief run-down of what we have discussed so far:

Here in our fourth installment, we’ll be discussing how to detail your precious Wheels and Tires.

Materials needed for Wheel and Tire detailing:

  • Mild Car Shampoo
  • Wheel Brush
  • Citrus-based Wheel Cleaner
  • Tire Dressing

Detailing your Wheels and Tires:

Before starting, make sure your wheels and brakes are cool. This will prevent water spots and streaks from forming. You should also be aware that some manufacturers have put a protective clear coat on silver and colored wheels, but wheels with polished lips or completely polished wheels may not.

Clean the wheels and tires using a wheel brush with mild car shampoo mixed with water. Anything other than mild car shampoo may damage the protectant coating, but if you wish to use other cleaners, test it on the back of the rim first. Use the citrus-based wheel cleaner with a soft toothbrush to reach crevices where oil and dirt have built up. For polished lips, use the wheel cleaner. For chrome wheels, there are chrome wheel cleaners available in the market.

Once the wheels and tires have been cleaned and are good and dry, apply tire dressing using the applicator pad. Then wipe of any tire dressing that may have gotten to the rims or body using a damp cotton terry cloth towel.

And if you’ve ever wondered how those show cars got their super clean and shiny tires, with tire dressing all the way around and even across the tire tread, those cars have a separate set of wheels to drive to the show, and the detailed ones are installed once there.

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DIY Auto Detailing Part 3: Windshields and Windows

Job Growth, Unemployment Rate Both Drop In September
This is our third installment about DIY Auto Detailing. If you haven’t been able to follow this series, our first topic was about Engine Detailing. Our second was about Detailing the Body. This third installment is all about cleaning the glass windows. This is the part where you’ll really want to get rid of the fingerprints, acid rain, water spots, bird droppings, and other substances.

Materials Needed for Detailing the Windows:

  • 100% Cotton Terry Cloth or Micro-Fiber Towels
  • Ammonia-free Glass Cleaner

Detailing the Windows:

This procedure doesn’t really require complicated steps. Just remember these:

  • Use a horizontal motion to clean the outside
  • Use a vertical motion to clean the inside

These are essential in reducing window streaks. The ammonia-free cleaner will ensure that your window tint, if you have any, will not be damaged. Work your way even through the corners as these are the areas which would have the most streaks. You can also use a quick detailer on the window trimming.

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Toyota Starlet for Sale / Trade

While browsing the net, I came across this Toyota Starlet for Sale or Trade for a Toyota Lite Ace or Nissan Vanette. (Note: The link and pictures may not last long as this is only a temporary ad.)

Here’s what the seller had to say about it:

for swap for lite ace and nissan vannet
dream cars for old schoolers!!!!!!!!!!!
1980 toyota starlet
key less
brandnew battery
new tires 13x175x50
new mags 13
xenon bulb= 5500
new paint strip to metal walang kalawang
uk logo top paint
new power steering = 14000
bumper 1976 mercedes benz = 12500
new steering wheels = 1300
new shift nob = 400
new upholstery 17500 = include mattings, leather seat cover, dash board, cealing, sidings
pioneer cd
4 speaker
super lamig aircon
top condition
sasakyan nalang
almost 230k to make this car and 11months to finish this project car

And when some interested parties tried to offer to trade with something other than a van, this was the seller’s response:

sory van gusto ko eh, buy mo nalang ng 100k ok to tnx

Here are the pictures:

Based on the comments and the pictures, do you think that this is a Good Buy (thumbs up), or Good Bye (thumbs down)? And fire away with your comments. Oh and by the way, I am not connected to the seller. So don’t throw your flak at me. Hahaha!

Good Buy or Good Bye?

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Commenter of the Day (24-Oct-09): Brian Aurelio

The Commenter of the Day (COTD) for yesterday is Brian Aurelio, owner of the Custom Fiberglass Car by Auto Vision and BAR Custom Built Cars. For everyone’s information, BAR stands for Brian Aurelio Racing.

Below was his response to comments about his creation on whether or not it is in running condition, and opinions about the car’s paint finish:

Uma-andar na yan 2005 pa. May video po yan sa youtube, BAR Prototype or try this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyK6DSSMG3c nung dinaan namin yan sa SLEX, 2AM pa nun wala pa ngang headlights, eksakto pa may 2 PNCC Patrol sa tollgate. Lumapit sa auto habang nagbabayad ako, nako nakakakaba! akala ko huhulihin ako.. lumapit lang pala para sabihin “ganda niyan boss ah!”..

Panget ba ng paint scheme? Hindi bale, Papagandahin natin yan sa susunod na carshow. Salamat!

Here’s the youtube video that Brian was wanting to show:

We’d like to award Brian the Commenter of the Day award for taking the feedback constructively. We look forward to seeing the new paint job sa darating na Manila Auto Salon next month.

The commenter of the day award is to recognize those who give entertaining or insightful comments. To all viewers, feel free to comment on all our other topics and be recognized! :)

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Awesome Mini Cooper Slalom

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Mickey’s Autosound

Mickey's Autosound Hilux Interior
Mickey’s Autosound is definitely one of the best car audio shops in the country. Established in 1996, they have raked in over 30 1st place finishes in various competitions, making them the winningest car audio shop in the country today.

With expertise both in Sound Quality as well as SPL, they are a definite “go-to” shop be it for the simplest audio installations, to building all out competition spec concerts on wheels.

Award Winning Toyota Hilux featured at CustomPinoyRides:

At CustomPinoyRides.com, we have featured this award winning Toyota Hilux created by Mickey’s Autosound for one of their loyal customers. Check it out to give you an insight of what Mickey’s Autosound can do for you:

Contact Information:

Mickey’s Autosound
Address: A. Rodriguez Ave. Santolan, Pasig City 1610
Landline: +63 2 6472298, +63 2 6472808
Website: mickeysautosound.com

Do post any questions, share your experiences, or provide your testimonials in the comments field below.

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Kid Audio

Kid Audio Honda Jazz Front Plate
Kid Audio is one of the most prominent car audio shops in the Philippines today. Owned and run by Frederick C. De Guzman, who is a db Drag Race Record Holder and Sound Quality Champion, Kid Audio definitely knows what it takes to create a winning car audio system.

Kid Audio also offers other products and services, such as car accessories, car audio-video, car option parts, window tint, car alarms, tires, wheels, and electronic parts and services.

Cars customized by Kid Audio featured at CustomPinoyRides:

At CustomPinoyRides.com, we have featured a number of custom creations done by Kid Audio. All these rides feature the latest technology in car audio and video systems. Check them out to give you an insight of what Kid Audio can do for you:

Contact Information:

Kid Audio
Landline: +63 49 4113282
Mobile: +63917 8445099 or +63917 5274488
Address: Unit 10-13 Rhineland Bldg., Nat’l. Hi-way San Antonio, Biñan, Laguna

Do post any questions, share your experiences, or provide your testimonials in the comments field below.

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