Tanner Foust’s 2009 Scion tC Drift Car Explained

Tanner Foust 2009 Scion tC

If you’re a hardcore car enthusiast, then you must know professional racing driver, stunt driver, and television host Tanner Foust. If not, then you’re missing half of your life!

Being the Formula Drift champion in 2007 and 2008 in his Nissan 350Z, Tanner shifted to a specially modified rear-wheel-drive Scion tC in 2009. That makes us all curious on how this Scion tC can drift.

The Scion tC is originally a front-wheel-drive vehicle. But since it was originally based on the Toyota Avensis platform, which comes in all-wheel-drive, it wasn’t entirely impossible to convert it into a rear-wheel-drive tire smoking drift machine.

Built by the legendary Stephan Papadakis of Papadakis Racing, Tanner’s car is powered by a powerful TRD V8 from a NASCAR racer.

Watch the video as Stephan goes into detail about the ins and outs of Tanner’s awesome custom drift machine:

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2000 Honda Civic VTi by Warp Zone New Age Customs and Seatmate Auto Interiors

Warp Zone New Age Customs has been pretty controversial at CustomPinoyRides.com. But for good reason. Because they can turn the most common of vehicles into all out show cars, pushing the envelope when it comes to custom body modifications. From their Honda Civic EG Hatchback with a custom Audi R8-inspired front clip, to the Honda Accord with custom Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren-inspired body conversion.

But hey, those cars are meant to show the world what they can do. Extreme conversions aside, they also come up with breathtaking rides, without having to mutate metal.

Enter Philip Laude’s 2000 Honda Civic VTi.

CustomPinoyRides Philip Laude Honda Civic VTi by Warp Zone New Age Customs Front
This car actually started life as an ordinary Honda Civic. But then the tuner bug took a good bite-sized chunk out of Philip, and he began the tuning regimen in an attempt to heal the wound. So out went the stock wheels, and in came 17-inch Rota Torque Wheels wrapped in 215/40R17 Kumho Rubber.

CustomPinoyRides Philip Laude Honda Civic VTi by Warp Zone New Age Customs Engine Bay
Fast forward through time a bit, and Philip found himself having a ride that manages to get to the next stoplight faster than most of the other Honda Civic’s next to him. This is made possible by performance upgrades that go from a K&N Air Filter, to Fremuff High-Performance Headers, to a custom exhaust, and an HKS Muffler. And since this is now a show car, the entire engine bay was dressed up to look so clean, it’s as if you could eat off of it. And this spectacular engine is covered by an equally spectacular Mugen hood.

customPinoyRidesPhilip Laude Honda Civic VTi by Warp Zone New Age Customs Interior
But the virus from the tuning bug just won’t give up that easily. So work began on the interior. This awesome all-red custom interior is a product of Seatmate Auto Interiors. A Momo steering wheel was installed to match the rest of the interior. Along with a good looking interior, you have got to have one that sounds good. In-Car Entertainment is courtesy of an Ice Power 5-inch Touch-Screen Head Unit, plus a JBL subwoofer powered by an Alpine V12 amplifier gives that heart-pounding bass that makes heads bounce and bodies move.

CustomPinoyRides Philip Laude Honda Civic VTi by Warp Zone New Age Customs Rear
And then came the time to repaint the car. Finding himself discontented with just candy apple red, Philip decided to add a slpash of black to give it a totally unique look. Two-tone black and red is something you won’t see in car shows, let alone on the city streets. And it turned out to look just awesome! Don’t you agree?

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A Real Hachi-Roku Toyota Trueno (AE86) That Would Make Takumi Proud

Patrick Mendoza AE86
If you’ve ever seen even a single episode of the hit Japanese Anime Series Initial D and it’s lead star Fujiwara Takumi, then this should ring a bell. The ever popular and legendary Hachi-Roku (AE86 Toyota Corolla. In Japanese, “Hachi” means 8, and “Roku” means 6.). This particular Hachi-Roku is owned by Patrick Mendoza, and boy is he one lucky guy.

Patrick Mendoza AE86 Engine
Just take a look at that ultra-clean engine bay. The already-powerful 20-Valve 4AGE Black Top has been modified further to unleash it’s hidden potential. Massive amounts of power is made available courtesy of TODA Camshafts and Cam Gears, and 81.5mm ARIAS Pistons. To handle the additional stress, the valve springs and head gasked have been replaced with units from TODA. And to tune the engine to make the mods work together in harmony, a Thrust Engine Management System has also been installed.

Patrick Mendoza AE86 Side
The lowered stance isn’t just for show. This ride also sports amazing handling than normal. This is made possible by a GReddy Type-S Coilover suspension system, and Tanabe strut bars.

Patrick Mendoza AE86 Interior
Though the interior may look basic, save for the Sparco suede steering wheel, the pleasure of driving this is made better through an improved drivetrain. A TRD 4.7 rear end, and Route6 2.7 close gear ratio transmission ensures better acceleration through the gears, and and you are sure there won’t be any slippage due to the impressive TRD Racing Clutch.

So do you think this is a Hachi-Roku that would make Takumi Proud? Tell us your thoughts on the comments below.


Vehicle: 1985 Toyota Trueno
Owner: Patrick Mendoza

-Cams 256 – 264 TODA
-Cam Gears TODA
-Valve Springs TODA
-Head Gasket TODA
-Pistons 81.5mm ARIAS
-Thrust Emanage

Drive Train
2.7 close gear ROUTE 6
4.7 rear end TRD
Racing Clutch TRD

-Coil overs GReddy Type-s
-Tanabe Strut bars

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Coming Soon this Summer of 2010: The 1st Annual CustomPinoyRides Car Show!

1st Annual CustomPinoyRides Car Show Teaser
CustomPinoyRides.com Presents:

The 1st Annual CustomPinoyRides Car Show.

This is scheduled for the Summer of 2010.

Full details of the event will be out soon.

For entries and enquiries, contact 0922 2575888 or email custompinoyrides@gmail.com. Or you can simply ask away on the comments section below.

Update: This event will be postponed to a later date. Will keep you all posted.

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The Most Exciting Way To Drive A BMW M5

Ian King BMW M5 Burnout
Though the BMW 5-Series is one of those posh rides where you can have a chauffeur drive you around town with, the BMW M5 is not! It would be a shame to have an M5 and not drive it yourself. All that unadaultered horsepower and pure driving bliss would be put to waste.

The M5 is a posh ride that can hold its own right with just about any brand of supercar on the track, plus it can pull triple duty after track day when it comes time to pick the kids up from school, and then it would still take you to that fine dining, valet parking, restaurant at night.

But the best way to get the most out of driving a BMW M5 is not on the city, but on the track. And the most exiting way to drive it? Sideways!

Let Ian King show you the most exciting way to drive a BMW M5 through this video of him driving his very own M5. Kudos to Struan Wallace for the footage.

Plus here’s a sneak peek on the specs of The King’s M5.

Struan Wallace is a Director / Cinematographer / Editor for hire.
+61422629655 (AUS) ; +639209207000 (Philippines)

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Mitsubishi L200 by 4KAS Audio, 110 Carbase, Interior Inside, and Stikeran

Mitsubishi L200 Exterior by 4KAS Audio, 110 Carbase, Interior Inside, and Stikeran
Looking at it from afar, and you’ll never think that this ride is in fact an awesome show vehicle. That is, until you come a little closer. With a glint of sunlight, you’ll notice the custom paintjob, looking as if it were earthend where Patapon soldiers dwell in harmony. Children who play the famous PSP game would certainly drag their parents in for a closer inspection. And then you start to notice the glints of neon pink lights and blinking headlights that were as if the car was winking at you, urging you to come closer.

Mitsubishi L200 Engine by 4KAS Audio, 110 Carbase, Interior Inside, and Stikeran
The engine is neatly detailed, with certain parts highlighted with the same paint as the exterior, and the pink neon glow gives away the fact that this is not a your average workhorse pickup.

Mitsubishi L200 Dashboard by 4KAS Audio, 110 Carbase, Interior Inside, and Stikeran
As you approach the ride for a better look of the inside, the interior immediately captivates you. Louis Vuitton on white is a view that will, at any given day, enamour the ladies, and fill a man’s ego. Add a touch of neon pink lighting, and a Barney stuff toy between the seats, and you have yourself a ride that’s impossible not to love.

Then when you finally start to relax from the visual fixation, you start to notice the other details, such as the custom speaker enclosures on the doors and kickpanels, plus the video monitors on each visor (not seen on picture). Turning the stereo on, cranking the volume up, the music sounds crisp and clean. But wait, the bass indeed packs a punch! You start to wonder where all that audio power is coming from.

Mitsubishi L200 Rear Interior by 4KAS Audio, 110 Carbase, Interior Inside, and Stikeran
A peek into the back seat reveals the source of all that audible power. Amplifiers custom-mounted on the floor with matching neon pink lighting and Louis Vuitton leather consistent with the front just enthralls you. The pinkish glow emanating into the white seats gives nice visual treat, especially at night.

Mitsubishi L200 Subs by 4KAS Audio, 110 Carbase, Interior Inside, and Stikeran
Now here’s the source of all that chest pumping bass. A custom subwoofer is mounted neatly where the rear seatback used to be, blended with the same Louis Vuitton leather as with the rest of the interior.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never seen a Mitsubishi L200 as neat as this. Who would’ve known that you could turn a workhorse pickup into a posh ride?


1993 Mitsubishi L200
Owner: Niño Ignacio
Sounds by: 4KAS Audio
Paint by: 110 Carbase
Decals by: Stikeran
Interior by: Interior Inside
Detailed : Niño and friends. Hehehehe.

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AC Schnitzer Tunes The New BMW X1

“Joy Is The New BMW X1″ – That’s what the folks at BMW say about their latest creation. But really, what is the BMW X1? By the looks of it, it’s not like any vehicle we’ve ever seen out there.

They say it’s an SUV, but I know what an SUV looks like, and it isn’t like this. It carries the 1-Series badge, but it sure ain’t a beefed-up 1-Series, as it rides on a 3-Series platform, made into a wagon, with higher ground clearance. It sure ain’t no offroader, but it sits high enough to suck up the bumps and potholes in the urban jungles of the Philippines.

It seems BMW has created a whole new type of vehicle with the X1. With a cargo capacity of up to 1,350 liters of storage space, it’s the ultimate grocery getter and lipat-bahay machine. With a semi command sitting position, performance control, the handling of a 3-Series Tourer, acceleration that will definitely beat any SUV and most cars at any given day, and suspension that seems to be meant to tackle the unruly roads of the Philippines, and fuel economy of 15km/L (combined) that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, you have yourself a Swiss Army knife for the Philippines.

But going back to the looks, since it really is DIFFERENT, what if you can turn “Joy” into “Ecstatically Euphoric Bliss”?

Enter BMW tuner AC Schnitzer.

Just take a look at these pictures, and try to tell me you wouldn’t dare to be DIFFERENT in the BMW X1 with AC Schnitzer wheels.

BMW X1 on AC Schnitzer Type VI Wheels
AC Schnitzer Type VI Wheels

BMW X1 on AC Schnitzer Type IV BiColor Wheels
AC Schnitzer Type IV BiColor Wheels

BMW X1 on AC Schnitzer Type IV Silver Wheels
AC Schnitzer Type IV Silver Wheels

AC Schnitzer has been kind enough to provide a list of available wheel sizes for these three models.
AC Schnitzer BMW X1 Wheel Size Chart

So tell me, if you had the chance to get one, which would you choose?

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Anthony Go’s Honda Civic Dragster by JCT-Blanche Racing

Anthony Go Honda Civic by Blanche Racing
This is what happens when you put together a bunch of gearheads, greasemonkeys, and car buffs, and have them work on a single project. When you have a combination of drag racing experience, mechanical expertise, automotive wisdom, and lots of Honda wizardry, the product is Anthony Go’s National Drag Racing Championship Pro Class winning Honda Civic.

Anthony Go Honda Civic by Blanche Racing Front View
Honda enthusiasts know that the formula for making a Honda go faster is by combining low weight with high horsepower. So to reduce weight, ERE Racing, Ednell Heshan, and Jonathan Young of Jonathan Racing built the car on a half-tube chassis custom-made specifically for drag racing.

For gobs of monstrous power, Jon Sarmiento of Blanche Racing went to work and brought Frankenstein to life to propel this lightweight car down the quarter mile. The monster engine is actually a Honda B20B Frankenstein engine. Frankenstein because it was built by putting together all the best parts from different Honda engines, such as the torquey but non-VTEC B20B block, and topped it with the magical horsepower-generating VTEC B18C5 to create this monster.

Anthony Go Honda Civic by Blanche Racing Race
The secret to all that winning power is that this naturally-aspirated engine runs on pure methanol fuel – the sort of alchohol fuel that propels the likes of top fuel dragsters and other high-performance race car engines. With a car that weighs only 810 kilograms and equipped with and engine wielding 246 horsepower and 196 lb-ft of torque, and a driver that knows all the ins and outs of drag racing, you have a combination that’s as potent as King Arthur wielding Excalibur. Would you know of any other that’s as hard to beat as this?

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The Most Awesome Drifting Footage at Clark International Speedway Philippines

Ever seen the show Time Warped at the Discovery Channel, where they film even the most senseless things for the sake of watching what it looks like in slow motion? Well you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. This is the most awesome drifting footage ever taken at Clark International Speedway.

Drifting at Clark International Speedway Philippines

The stars of the show are a BMW M5, and a Nissan R33 Skyline.

But also seen on the video are various exotics such as Porsches, a Corvette, a Nissan GT-R Skyline, a Nissan Silvia, a Lamborghini, and Audi R8 among many others. You’ll see some super moto bikes and sport bikes making their way around the track.

This is the most awesome drifting video footage ever captured at Clark International Speedway. I assure you that this is worth the 5 minutes of your time. Enjoy!

Shot and edited by Struan Wallace. Featured is Ian King’s BMW M5.

Struan Wallace is a Director / Cinematographer / Editor for hire.
+61422629655 (AUS) ; +639209207000 (Philippines)

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Drag Spoon Honda Civic EF Hatch by GotSpeed, Street Kustom, and Alfan Muffler Haus

Honda enthusiasts know that the formula to make a Honda go quicker is light weight, plus high horsepower. When it comes to light weight, nothing comes close to the Honda Civic EF Hatchback. When it comes to high horsepower in a small naturally-aspirated package, it’s hard to match the 100 horsepower per liter capability of the venerable Honda B16A. And by making these two work together, you have yourself an instant rocket-on-wheels.

Such is the case with this particular Honda Civic EF hatch.
Drag Spoon Honda Civic EF Hatch by Speed2Autoworks
Just look at this beauty. Modified to work as a purpose-built drag car, just by looking at it, you already know that it’s capable of travelling at neck-snapping speeds.

Just look at that engine! This is no ordinary show car. It’s definitely got the speed to match the looks.
Drag Spoon Honda Civic EF Hatch by Speed2Autoworks Engine

That sweet interior still has all the creature comforts fitted. But come race time, everything that’s not necessary is to be removed to reduce weight.
Drag Spoon Honda Civic EF Hatch by Speed2Autoworks Interior
Ease yourself into the snug-fitting Bride racing seat, and make sure you strap yourself in with the Takata racing harness. Shift into first gear, and mash the throttle to the floor. The magical concoction under the hood screams out loud with the voices of hundreds of mad horses going like crazy. Suddenly… the world disappears in a blur.


Owner: Ice Tizon
1991 Honda Civic EF Hatchback
Spoon Yellow/Blue Paint by Street Kustom
All the way spoon, Rare Advan Wheels, Advan Neova Slick Tires, B16A Engine, EF Valve Cover
Headworks by GotSpeed, Hi-Tension Wires, Spoon Distributor Cap, Manifold, Street/Drag Throttle Body, Crower valve springs and retainers, camshaft, Toda power camshaft gears, Toda timing belt, block, Arias pistons oversized to 2.0 with Eagle block guard, Spoon headers, 4-1 Stainless and pipings by Alfan Muffler Haus, Lightened Flywheel, 6 puck racing clutch, double D pressure plate, FCC, Spoon LSD, Close gear ratio, Tuning by GotSpeed
Skunk2 Coilovers, Spoon Side Mirrors, Spoon wing, Bride bucket seats, Takata 5-point seatbelts, Spoon Shift Knob, EF9 gauges, Cusco Strut Bars front and rear, Cusco rollcage by Alfan Muffler Haus
Decals by Gound Style Grafix
Detailed by Checkered Flag

Awards: Champion Best 2 Door, Best in JDM, Best Race Car, Best in Graphics, Best Engine Roar.

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