Top Gear: Series 14, Episode 6

Watch Top Gear: Series 14, Episode 6 (Aired 27-Dec-2009)

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Fifth Gear: Evo 6 vs Evo 9 – Who will win?

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Subaru Impreza STi plus Tank equals KEN BLOCK’S TRAX STI CAR

What do you get when you mix a Tank and a Subrau Impreza STI? You get Ken Block’s TRAX STI Car.

It’s Christmas season, and in other parts of the world, we have snow, snow, and more snow. So watch Ken drive the car in typical gusto you will only see in Icelandic glacier going monster 4x4s.

Ken Block's TRAX STI Car
If there’s such a thing as a “monster truck”, then this is a “monster car”. This ride can go places no rally car can.

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How To Dress Up Your Car for Christmas

Christmas Car Decoration Hummer H2
I don’t know about you but in my opinion, I think this guy was still able to make it look like a head-turner without being crappy. I think it’s a decent job. Just make sure to remove it when the holidays are over. That’s just my opinon. What do you think?

Christmas Car Decoration Ugly
Now this is just an epic failure. Even if they did turn this into a parade float, it’s still ugly. I wouldn’t want anyone I know be part of this car’s ensemble if that were the case. Wouldn’t you agree with me?

Christmas Car Decoration Rice
Bring back the Fast and the Furious days where there were underbody lights and interior lights galore, that is, if you can handle the humiliation. It’s just too ricey nowadays.

I think the H2 managed to do the best job at decorating his ride for Christmas. What do you think?

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Drag Race: Nissan GT-R V-Spec vs Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake. Watch to see who will win!

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Hummer H2 Street Tuning Options

Chrome Hummer H2 Street Tuning
Here are some street tuning options for your Hummer H2. If you’re looking for options on how to dress-up your baby, go ahead and play the video so you’d see what other people are doing.

Here are my thoughts on some of the rides featured on the video:

  • I absolutely dislike the lowrider H2. I think it is a disgrace to the design. Plus they had to spend a ton of useless money on extensive body trimming and suspension modifications just to get the Hummer to sit that low.
  • I think front Lambo doors are cool. But if you do the same with the back, you have to be really careful not to close the front door while the rear door is open. Plus there’s the risk of the driver getting injured when the rear passenger operates the door.
  • The double-bumpered red H2 is just trying too hard to get the front end to look right, it ended up looking like a complete mistake.
  • I like the idea when they showed the H2 with the Escalade front end. I think it was unique.
  • The matte black H2 after the “Escaladed H2″ would’ve looked better if it was lifted and fitted with large mud terrain tires.
  • My personal favorites, aesthetics-wise, are: the Green H2 shown immediately after the ugly lowrider H2, and the Silver one shown immediately after the Green H2.

What’s your favorite?

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Tengku Djan wins the 2009 Formula Drift Malaysia

Formula Drift Malaysia 2009
Malaysia’s Tengku Djan bags the win on the 2009 Formula Drift Malaysia in his very own home ground. This is his third podium finsih, and his second championship win this year, after winning the 2009 Formula Drift Singapore in July.

The Malaysian local and Nissan 180SX driver, who is now truly known to possess world-class drifting skills, managed to edge past runner-up Thailand’s Sak Nana Kiki in his Nissan S15 Silvia, and third-placer Mike Whiddet in his Quad Rotor Mazda RX-7. Mike is the winner of the 2009 Formula Drift Thailand, is a Formula Drift and D1GP pro, and D1NZ Champion.

Here’s the video of Tengku’s final tandem match against Thailand’s Sak Nana Kiki. Nissan versus Nissan. 180SX versus S15 Silvia. Enjoy!

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Lexus LFA Commercial – Whether or not you speak Japanese, You Will Understand!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand Japanese. Just listen to the shriek of that V-10 and watch the Lexus LFA in all its glory and you’ll understand. And then try and muster up the strength to tell me something you don’t like about this car.


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How To Get Better Underbody Aerodynamics For Your Car

Civic EG Rear Bumper Holes
Holes in Rear Bumper to reduce Drag.

When it comes to aerodynamics for drag cars, as the name goes, it’s all about reducing “drag”. So what usual dragsters do nowadays is trim, or put holes on the rear bumber to reduce drag, as the rear bumper tends to act like a parachute for underbody air.

However, drag cars are designed for straight-line speed. Not much downforce is required for cornering. The only downforce needed is to reduce the chance of the tires spinning, while maintaining stability at high speeds.

On the other hand, for circuit race cars, it’s a bit more complicated. You need the downforce even as you go through corners in order to mantain absolute control over the car, and keep the tires planted on the ground. And we’re all familiar with the different types of aerodynamic appendages found on the exterior of race cars, and we sort of know how to visualize how to exploit the air travelling on top of the car. But what about the air that travels underneath?

This is what’s called the ground effect. The theory, as Wikipedia states it, is as such:
“In racing cars, a designer’s aim is for increased downforce, allowing greater cornering speeds. (Starting in the mid 1960s ‘wings’, or inverted aerofoils, were routinely used in the design of racing cars to increase downforce, but this is not ground effect.) This kind of ground effect is easily illustrated by taking a tarpaulin out on a windy day and holding it close to the ground, it can be observed that when close enough to the ground the tarp will suddenly be sucked towards the ground.”

If you want to read all the technical stuff as to how it works, you can read more about ground effects in cars on Wikipedia. But if you want to go directly to the juicy stuff and how to have this so-called ground effect, or Venturi Effect done for your very own car, then read on.

Basically, what you have to achieve is for the air that gets sucked in from underneath the front air dam to flow as smooth as possible through the car’s underside, and then be “diffused” by the rear diffuser.

Essentially, what this means is when the air gets sucked into the narrow space between the front of the car and the ground, the air accelerates. Then as it leaves through the rear diffuser, it slows down. The accelerated air underneath creates a low pressure area that sucks the car down, generating downforce.

Red Bull F1
Ever wonder why F1 cars have their noses raised above the front wing? It’s to bring more air to the underside of the car to take advantage of underbody aerodynamics.

But then, neither of us own F1 cars. So how do we get to use underbody aerodynamics for our very own beloved rides?

Here’s an example of a correctly done full underbody kit. This unit is a Dry Carbon Kevlar complete bottom diffuser package from Password:JDM Industries.
Password JDM Full Underbody
Flat Underbody.

Password JDM Rear Diffuser
Air exits smoothly through the Rear Diffuser.

Now, do you want one for your ride?

By the way, who can make a guess what car is shown above? Post it in the comments below.

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2008 Ford Shelby GT500 – Manila Auto Salon

If a Ford Mustang ain’t high performance enough for you, get the Shelby variant of the Mustang. Apart from the high performance upgrades over the ordinary Mustang, you also get a cool Shelby Cobra badge in place of the Mustang’s Horse badge. Isn’t that cool or what?
Ford Shelby GT500 Manila Auto Salon Front 1
From horse to snake? You know that a complete transformation has been done. This is completely different from a Mustang.

Ford Shelby GT500 Manila Auto Salon Side 1
What makes this different from your ordinary Mustang? Well, you take a standard Mustang V-8 engine, sneak it inside Ford’s SVT group (Special Vehicle Team), and it comes out with forced induction via an SVT Supercharger and Intercooler which gives it an estimated 500hp and 480-lb-ft. of torque! If that isn’t enough for you, as with the owner of this GT500, the already awesome stainless steel dual exhaust system which comes standard in the GT500 has been upgraded to an aftermarket Bassani Exhaust System. Add a K&N Air Filter to that and you have an engine that hisses so loud, it causes so much turbulence that it gives you that musclecar rumble!

Just to give you an idea of how loud this thing can get, I’ve seen the Ford GT500 at Santa Rosa going towards Tagaytay, and though it has already passed you, you can still hear it as it fades away in the distance.

Ford Shelby GT500 Manila Auto Salon Side 2
If you can go fast, you should also be able to stop fast. Braking is courtesy of 14-inch Brembo vented discs in front (yes they’re as big as econo car wheels), and 11.8-inch vented rotors out back. And it rolls on 18×9.5-inch wheels topped with high-performance tires.

An SVT-tuned sport suspension system with anti-sway bars enables you to take on gnarly curves the way a snake can creep round corners.

Ford Shelby GT500 Manila Auto Salon Front 2
As the formula for more speed goes – less weight, more power; the heavy hood and trunk lid have been replaced with super light-weight carbon fiber pieces.

Inside, we have a Shaker 500 Audio System with MP3,  a 6-CD changer, and 6-Speaker system.


2008 Ford Shelby GT 500
Carbon Fiber Hood
SVT Supercharger
Carbon Trunk
Bassani Exhaust System
KNN Air Filter
Sway Bars
SVT Fuel Pump
Sport Suspension
Shift Knobs, Foot Pedals

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