Porsche GT3 Philippines 320kph Skyway Run

Porsche GT3 Philippines 320kph Skyway Run
The legendary Porsche GT3, whose racing brethren have won several major 24-hour races, and dominated their class in the Le Mans, one of the most gueling races you could ever subject a vehicle to, beckons to you and invites you in for a ride. Where else can you test the top speed of such a high-performance car? The Metro Manila Skyway is the answer. With a 65 peso entrance fee, you’re in for an exciting and enjoyable ride.

However, if you’re uncomfortable with neck-snapping acceleration, and travelling at speeds that will cover 4 football fields in 5 seconds, then leave now, before the exits are sealed.

Our mission is about to begin. So please, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare yourself. We’re going for a virtual ride.

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Drifting Jeepneys… With Passengers – On Video!!!

Drifting Jeepneys in the Philippines
Imagine yourself driving a fully tricked-out drift machine along the public roads of San Juan, on your way to Clark International Speedway for a day if drifting. You’re all psyched up and raring to get there, being wary not to get your your sweet ride damaged by some annoying jeepney driver.

Whilst cruising past a stoplight, a jeep suddenly swerves in front of you. As you step on the brakes, the jeepney, filled with passengers, suddenly swerves the other way. Suddenly it appears it appears to you that the jeepney driver is doing this on purpose. “Idiots!” you tell yourself, when suddenly the jeepney swerves the other direction, tires screeching, in a motion that seemed all to familiar to you… drifting!

You can’t believe your eyes! You squint and do a double take, the jeep swerves the other way… there’s no mistake in it! It’s drifting!

But then after the spectacle, though you were entertained, you know that this is something that shouldn’t be done in public roads. That’s precisely the reason why you’re on the way to the track – to pratice drifting in a safe, controlled environment. It would be nice to see these jeeps drift on the track. But on public roads? No way.

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The Lexus LS460 Redefines The Meaning Of “SMART CAR”

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The Range Revo – Super Tamaraw FX

The original Toyota Tamaraw FX was named after the Tamaraw – the largest native terrestrial mammal in the Philippines. The vehicle is known for its ruggedness and ease of maintenance. But somehow, the name “Tamaraw” still doesn’t seem to fit the vehicle, as the animal’s preferred habitat is tropical highland forested areas – places where the 2-wheel-drive, low ground clearance Toyota Tamaraw FX could barely reach.

But one crafty Pinoy offroading genius named Paul Javier thought otherwise. He took a stock Toyota Tamaraw FX, stuffed it with all the mechanical wizardry necessary to give justice to the name “Tamaraw”, and viola! The Super Tamaraw FX:
Range Revo
After countless offroad trips and by much praise from the Pinoy offroading community, the Super Tamaraw FX has been given the pet name “Range Revo” due to the Land Rover mechanical components used to turn it into what it is today. It has Range Rover Axles and a Series Land Rover transfer case.

The Super Tamaraw FX in action showing what a real Tamaraw can do:
Muddy Range Revo
The tires are 36-inch tall military non-directional treads, similar to those fitted in army 6×6 trucks. The long wheelbase allows the fitment of a dual transfer case system for a wide selection of low gearing, and a super low crawl ratio. Despite the complexity, this rig is still capable of going 120kph on the highway.

Range Revo Submerged
Raging river crossings? No problem!

Range Revo River Crossing
Did you think underwater riverbeds are always flat? That’s probably true only in the flooded streets of Manila. It doesn’t mean that you have a snorkel, you can go through terrain like this. Because out there with mother nature, things are way more extreme. You have got to have a capable offroad vehicle to go through terrain like this.

Range Revo Articulation
Range Revo showing it’s suspension articulation.


Owner: Paul Javier
Vehicle: Toyota Tamaraw FX
Engine: Toyota 2C Turbo
Land Rover Range Rover Axles
Dual Transfer Case System
9.00 x 16 Tires
6×6 Truck PTO Winch

[Sources: Beeboy Bargas and 4x4ph.com]

So tell me, do you think Paul Javier’s Range Revo Super Tamaraw FX has given justice to the “Tamaraw” badge? Share your views on the comments below.

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Ian King’s R33 GTR Ute by DMF Drift and A-Toy Body Kits

Cefiro to R33 GTR Ute - Before
It all began with this. One standard-looking 1989 Nissan Cefiro, meek and mild in it’s stock form. Being an excellent rear-wheel-drive platform for building a formidable drift machine, Ian King set out with the goal of turning it into one of the most unique rides you could ever find in the planet!

Here’s the car… errr… pickup or ute, whichever way you call it where you’re at in the world, in its pickup form:
Cefiro to R33 GTR Ute - Midway

And for a shakedown run, what better way than to take it out to do what it was built for – drifting!

After acquiring an R33 GTR Front clip, RB26DETT from an R32 Skyline, and R33 Skyline Gearbox, everything was bolted together into this fine concoction called the R33 GTR Ute – the only one in the world.
Cefiro to R33 GTR Ute - After

See the R33 GTR Ute in action, drifting and playing with a couple of BMWs, including Ian’s E39 M5 at the Batangas Racing Circuit:

If you want to see the entire buildup on How to Make a Nissan Skyline R33 GTR Pickup out of a Nissan Cefiro A31, go through the link to see the video on a previous article.


Nissan 1989 Cefiro A31

Custom pick up conversion by DMF
Custom welded DMF roll cage
Custom Atoy GT-R Front Bumper
Custom Atoy Cefiro Rear Bumper
Custom Atoy Cefiro Side skirts
Custom Atoy Monster Hood
Custom Atoy Widened fenders
Custom Atoy Eyelids
Custom r33 front and rear end conversion by DMF
De chromed body
De seamed
Custom Wide body
Custom aluminum bed panels
Nissan R34 GTR bayside blue
Aftermarket M3 look mirrors with signal light

Bride Zeta III Racing seats in black
Custom rails
Defi Guage, blue color, Boost, Oil temperature and pressure, water temperature, fuel pressure and Exhaust gas temperature
R32 Guage cluster
Nismo Shift knob
racing pedals
drift handbrake button
Momo drift wheel
Pivot Turbo Timer
Painted in black trim
Nismo r33 GT-S 300kmh speedometer
Orange electronics wireless tire pressure monitoring system

Buddy club drift spec coilovers
Solid urethane mounts
ORT rear suspension arms, Camber, caster and toe
ORT Collars
Cusco front strut bar
Solid welded rear strut bar
DMF custom front power brace
DMF quick steer
ORT steering bushing eliminator
ORT caster arms

Twin HKS 2510 turbos
Custom free muff downpipe
AEM Water Methanol Injector
700cc Sard Injectors
Sard Fuel Pump
Sard Fuel Regulator
Custom engine damper
QTP electric exhaust cut out
Custom 3 inch exhaust
Apex muffler
Greddy high flow oil pump
Greddy lightened pulleys
Custom crank collar extension
Modified oil pan and intake pipe
HKS twin plate clutch
KAAZ 2 way lsd
Custom Oil cooler
R34 front mount intercooler
Sard Blow off valve
3 row aluminum radiator
Nissan N1 water pump
Samco radiator hoses
cusco oil catch tank
Sard Radiator breather
HKS timing belt

Endless rear brake pads
R33 GT-S Rear brake rotors
Ksport 8 piston Racing brake kit
Tires and Wheels
Rota IKR 18X9.5 Front
Rota IKR 10×10 Rear
1/4th spacer for front
1 inch spacer rear
anodized red aluminum lug nuts
235/40/18 Avon tires Front
245/40/18 Avon tires Rear

Blaupunk flat sub
Pioneer head unit
Blaupunk separtates

Rate this Ride and tell us what you think by Leaving a Reply below:

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Jason Plato of Fifth Gear praises the Pagani Zonda F – bashes Ferrari and Lamborghini in the process

“They say the reason why Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon will be hit by rotating brownouts is because he drove the GodSilvia in front of the generation plant supplying power to Meralco. All we know is… he’s called THE aSTIG.”

Pagani Zonda F
Fifth Gear host and Former British Touring Car Champion Jason Plato is all praise for the Pagani Zonda F.

He goes:

  • “Now normally when you drive supercars, there’s things about them which annoy you. And when you’re spending a lot of money on a car, you don’t want those annoying things. For instance, you get the Lamborghini or Ferrari, the seating position’s not quite right; or the clutch is heavy; or it’s difficult to reverse; it’s dark. This has got none of that.”

And goes on to praise the Pagani Zonda:

  • “Just incredible! Hahahahaha!”
  • “God it’s just fantastic! The steering isn’t heavy. Doesn’t understeer it tells you exactly… even with fingertip control… exactly you can feel what’s going on.”
  • “It’s just an absolute work of art. You know, it’s an engineering masterpiece.”
  • “This is the car. This is the supercar to own.”

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. But then the video below is a motion picture. Frame by frame, it muliplies into a zillion. This video is worth the 8 minutes of your life. Enjoy!

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How To Get The Best Out Of Track Day – Most Essential Driving Tips By Tiff Needell

“They say he is the reason behind the Pacquiao-Mayweather fiasco. All we know is… he’s called THE aSTIG.”

Track Day Driving Tips by Tiff Needell on an Audi S3 Quattro
If you own a high performance car, or have recently modified your car for more speed and more power, you’ve got to learn how to manage it. And what better way to find out how than by taking it to the track?

Track day is an event that happens regularly in just about any car club you join. So no matter what brand your ride is, stock or otherwise, heavily or lightly modified, there’s almost always a club that you can join which hosts such events on a regular basis.

Track day allows you to find and test the limits of your ride’s handling, power, and braking. Such practice gives you awareness on how to handle your ride in just about any situation. When you’re armed with such knowledge and skill, you learn to become a better and safer driver on the road.

On this video, Fifth Gear host and former racecar driver Tiff Needell pilots a brand new Audi S3, and shares the most essential driving tips to get the best out of track day.

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Drift Documentary : We Are Drift – Official Trailer 2010

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Goodyear International Drift Series 2010 Video Teaser

Yes, you heard it right. It is a teaser as this event is coming real soon. Watch out for it!

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Who is AUTO GURO Beeboy Bargas?

Beeboy Bargas wearing the Hat at the Honda Media Challenge
Aside from being the man behind Land Craft 4×4, Beeboy Bargas is currently the Associate Off Road Editor of BBC Top Gear Philippines Magazine.

4x4s are in his staple diet. And he is involved in just about any 4×4 and offroad event you can imagine. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know slack about cars and other forms of motorsports. Try talking about the nitty-gritty stuff there is to do with any motor vehicle, and you’ll be put to shame. Because under his belt, he has years and years of experience working for various automotive brands, as well as being service crew manager in the fields of karting and auto rallye.

Being a consultant for key players in the Philippine automotive manufacturing industry for 4×4 and non 4×4 matters, Beeboy is truly a go-to person when it comes to anything and everything to do about rides. And he’s here to help you out for free as an AUTO GURO. So start ASK THE AUTO GUROs Now!

Contact Beeboy:

Website: LandCraft4x4.com
Email: wolfpackinc@landcraft4×4.com, landcraft@4×4ph.com
Mobile: +63 919 4916008
Land Craft 4×4 Training Center GPS coordinates: 14 degrees 37?00.29 NORTH, 121 degrees 25? 17.14 EAST

Land Craft 4×4 Services:

-AERIAL CAM (aeroeyeasia)

Beeboy’s Other Activities:

-Contributing writer to various broadsheets and magazines
-Rainforest Challenge of Malaysia Philippine representative 2000/2001
-King of the Hill 4×4 competition Event Organizer 2002
– Silverstone 4×4 Rallye of Asia Philippine representative 2002
– Consulting service for key players in the Philippine automotive manufacturing industry for 4×4 and non 4×4 matters
– Logistic support group for various NGO’s for medical, educational and relief missions
-Sales training instructor
-Trained session facilitator by Wilson Learning U.S.A.
-Sale and Marketing manager for various automotive brands 1992 to 2000
-Service Crew Manager Masigs Auto rallye team 1985/92
-Service Crew Manager Karting 1988/93


www.4×4ph.com, Maven Management, Rainforest Challenge Team Philippines, BBC Top Gear Philippines. Car Awards Group Inc., Team Extreme Adventure Motorsports. Land Rover Club of the Philippines. Hotwire TV 23

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