How To Get The Best Out Of Track Day – Most Essential Driving Tips By Tiff Needell

“They say he is the reason behind the Pacquiao-Mayweather fiasco. All we know is… he’s called THE aSTIG.”

Track Day Driving Tips by Tiff Needell on an Audi S3 Quattro
If you own a high performance car, or have recently modified your car for more speed and more power, you’ve got to learn how to manage it. And what better way to find out how than by taking it to the track?

Track day is an event that happens regularly in just about any car club you join. So no matter what brand your ride is, stock or otherwise, heavily or lightly modified, there’s almost always a club that you can join which hosts such events on a regular basis.

Track day allows you to find and test the limits of your ride’s handling, power, and braking. Such practice gives you awareness on how to handle your ride in just about any situation. When you’re armed with such knowledge and skill, you learn to become a better and safer driver on the road.

On this video, Fifth Gear host and former racecar driver Tiff Needell pilots a brand new Audi S3, and shares the most essential driving tips to get the best out of track day.

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Drift Documentary : We Are Drift – Official Trailer 2010

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Goodyear International Drift Series 2010 Video Teaser

Yes, you heard it right. It is a teaser as this event is coming real soon. Watch out for it!

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Who is AUTO GURO Beeboy Bargas?

Beeboy Bargas wearing the Hat at the Honda Media Challenge
Aside from being the man behind Land Craft 4×4, Beeboy Bargas is currently the Associate Off Road Editor of BBC Top Gear Philippines Magazine.

4x4s are in his staple diet. And he is involved in just about any 4×4 and offroad event you can imagine. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know slack about cars and other forms of motorsports. Try talking about the nitty-gritty stuff there is to do with any motor vehicle, and you’ll be put to shame. Because under his belt, he has years and years of experience working for various automotive brands, as well as being service crew manager in the fields of karting and auto rallye.

Being a consultant for key players in the Philippine automotive manufacturing industry for 4×4 and non 4×4 matters, Beeboy is truly a go-to person when it comes to anything and everything to do about rides. And he’s here to help you out for free as an AUTO GURO. So start ASK THE AUTO GUROs Now!

Contact Beeboy:

Email: wolfpackinc@landcraft4×, landcraft@4×
Mobile: +63 919 4916008
Land Craft 4×4 Training Center GPS coordinates: 14 degrees 37?00.29 NORTH, 121 degrees 25? 17.14 EAST

Land Craft 4×4 Services:

-AERIAL CAM (aeroeyeasia)

Beeboy’s Other Activities:

-Contributing writer to various broadsheets and magazines
-Rainforest Challenge of Malaysia Philippine representative 2000/2001
-King of the Hill 4×4 competition Event Organizer 2002
– Silverstone 4×4 Rallye of Asia Philippine representative 2002
– Consulting service for key players in the Philippine automotive manufacturing industry for 4×4 and non 4×4 matters
– Logistic support group for various NGO’s for medical, educational and relief missions
-Sales training instructor
-Trained session facilitator by Wilson Learning U.S.A.
-Sale and Marketing manager for various automotive brands 1992 to 2000
-Service Crew Manager Masigs Auto rallye team 1985/92
-Service Crew Manager Karting 1988/93


www.4×, Maven Management, Rainforest Challenge Team Philippines, BBC Top Gear Philippines. Car Awards Group Inc., Team Extreme Adventure Motorsports. Land Rover Club of the Philippines. Hotwire TV 23

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The GodSilvia – 1998 Nissan S14 by JCB Body Works, Titan Works, and Autoglym

“They say that because he was spotted driving a silver Nissan GT-R, his true identity is Richard Gutierrez as he was also driving the silver Nissan GT-R when he got into the accident. All we know is… he’s called THE aSTIG.”

The GodSilvia
It’s not everyday that you see a Nissan Silvia. And even if you do see one, you’ll rarely see an example as hardcore as this. This Nissan S14 Silvia has been tuned from its guts all the way to glory and has been aptly named – The GodSilvia.

Oooh… just the name makes you shiver… wait till you hear the sound of the engine. Wait till you shift it into gear and put the pedal to the floor. Suddenly, the world disappears in a blur…


OWNER: Handel Yap

The GodSilvia Interior
Custom Aluminum Floor mats
3 pt. seat belt (blue)
Nismo shifter and shift knob(titanium)
Nardi Torino Steering Wheel (11″)
Razo Racing Pedals Pads
Custom Carbon Fiber Shifter Pannel
Interior Upholstery (black leather)
Cusco 6-pt rollcage(molyb)
Bride Zeta III
Bride Original Railings
The GodSilvia Bride Seats

The GodSilvia Dashboard
Defi EGT (Exhaust Gas Temp)
Defi Oil Temp
Defi Oil Pressure
Defi Water Temp
AEM UEGO Wideband sensor kit

Defi Control Unit
Greddy Profec E-01(electronic boost controller)
Greddy Turbo Timer
APEXi RSM(Rev Speed Meter) with G-sensor
Tein EDFC (Electronic Dampering Force Controller)
AEM AIT (Air Inlet Temperature)
AEM 3.5 Pressure sensor(MAP)
AEM Plug and Play EMS (30-1602)
Pivot Push Start Button

Tein Type Flex – with special order spring rate of 7(F) and 6(R)
Tein Rear Strut Bar
Front Brembo Brake kit (Evo 6)
DMF C-pillar bar
Endelss CC-X Racing Brake pads (200-800 deg C)
APP Stainless Steel Brake lines
Kaaz 2-way LSD
ORT rear Camber arm
Spacers Underarem Tighteners
Energy Suspension Polly Urethane Bushings
Energy Suspension Polly Urethane Bushings for Steering
Cusco Sway bars (front and rear)

5 speed MT convertion
HDI High Flow Intercooler
Synapse BOV
Kazama Oil Catch Can
Apexi GT Full Exhaust
Garett GT30R Top Mount w/ Exhaust Manifold from Full-Race Motorsports (kit for s14)
Tial 44mm Wastegate (Vented Out)
Sard 740cc injectors
Nismo Fuel Pump 280LPH
Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator
Nismo Radiator Cap (1.3 bar)
Cusco Super Single Plate Clutch Kit (soft)
S14 Q’s Throttle Body (60 mm)
28″ Oil Cooler with relocator kit
The GodSilvia Engine
Tomei Solid Pivot
Cometic Metal Head Gasket 1.2mm
Tomei Pro Cams 260deg(in/ex)
Tomei Adjustable Cam Gears (in/ex)
Tomei Rocker Arm Stopper
Toda Valve Springs
Blitz Oil Cap
Billion Silicone Radiator Hose kit
Koyo Radiator
CP Pistons (87mm oversized)
Eagle Connecting Rod
Darton Sleeves
ARP Head Bolts
New head (s15)
Port and Polished head

The GodSilvia Rear
Gram Lights 57-Pro 18×9.5 (front) 18×10(rear) with Titan Lip
Toyo Proxes TiR tires
Uras S14 Type GT body kit
D-Max 3d CF Wing
Philips HID kit
Custom Carbon Fiber Hood
Custom Carbon Fiber Trunk
Swat racing Gear Hood pins
Custom Front wide fenders
Craft Square Touring Competition Mirror (CF)
Rear Fenders widen (JCB)

PAINT: K – 92 By JCB BodyWorks

Manila Auto Salon 2008: 2nd place JDM Coupe FR Category
(2009) Bumper to Bumper 5: 1st place Best in JDM

Rate this Ride and tell us what you think by Leaving a Reply below:

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Who is THE aSTIG?

THE aSTIG is the name given to the mysterious custom-vehicle connoisseur of He is not to be confused with The Stig of Top Gear, though attribution goes to The Stig.

THE aSTIG’s name is derived from the Filipino word “ASTIG” – a slang for “TIGAS”, which, when used as an adjective, translates to English as “HARD”, “TOUGH”, “INTENSE”, and “UNFAZED”.

THE aSTIG’s true identity is kept a mystery. In order to maintain secrecy, all his pictures portray him covered in an all-white racing suit with matching white racing helmet. The only clue, as what can be seen from the gap between his suit and helmet, is that he is male, with fair skin, and dark hair. Those who know him say he wears size 10 racing boots.

The editors claim that there is a clause in THE aSTIG’s contract which states that should his identity be revealed, either by his own doing or through a member of the CustomPinoyRides staff, he has to be fired. It was later revealed that this is because people will forget about the cars and focus on him instead, as his physical charisma rivals that of his ability to write about, and photograph cars.

His primary function is to write about, and take photographs of anything and everything to do about customizing cars. All his work, extraordinary ideas, and coverage about never-before seen or made customs can be found at – the premier online car show and e-magazine featuring custom cars, bikes, and 4x4s in the Philippines.

Some say that his secret to making tuner cars go faster is by mixing three drops of Manny Pacquiao’s sweat with every liter of fuel. And that the immense low-pressure area caused when he did a burnout on a twin-charged (turbo and supercharged) Honda Civic running this fuel mixture brought forth the arrival of Typhoon Ondoy; and when he did it again on a diesel 4×4 Toyota Fortuner on 20-inch Dubs and 35-inch Mud-Terrain tires, Typhoon Pepeng arrived. All we know is… he’s called THE aSTIG.

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Dr. Charles of Skunk2. Photo from brings you: ASK THE AUTO GURO.

What is an AUTO GURO?

AUTO GURO was derived from the words AUTO – which is short from AUTOMOBILE, and the Filipino word GURO-which means GURU or TEACHER in English. aims to bring you a means to ask the pros and experts about anything and everything to do with customizing, restoring, maintaining, and repairing your ride. You’re assured that your questions will be answered by real experts and professionals in our motoring industry.

No more having to go through online forums to ask for advice, only to get unsatisfactory or incorrect answers from “posers” or self-proclaimed “gurus” pretending to be pros.


The list continues to expand as more experts and professionals become part of THE AUTO GUROs. I will update this post accordingly.


There are 3 ways for you to ask:

  1. Post your questions on any comments section at
  2. Email your questions to
  3. Add us up on Facebook and post your questions on the wall.

How will you receive the answers?

We will collate all your questions, and post it all, with the answers, every Friday of the week at the ASK THE AUTO GURO section of

If you want to receive the answers automatically, you can subscribe to us through the following free channels:

  1. RSS
  2. Email
  3. Facebook

We are all looking forward to addressing your questions.

Note that there is no charge for any of this. This is sort of a “Pinoy Bayanihan” for fellow car enthusiasts. So feel free to ask away!

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Top Gear: Series 14, Episode 7

Watch Top Gear: Series 14, Episode 7 (Aired 03-Jan-2010)

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Top Gear Car Review: Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

“They say his mere presence at the Camsur Watersports Complex, which is 180 kilometers from the Province of Albay, induced fear in the Mayon Volcano that it eased its magma pressure. All we know is… he’s called THE aSTIG.

We have recently featured the Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 from the 2009 Manila Auto Salon here at
2008 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 at the 2009 Manila Auto Salon

And I have mentioned that “I’ve seen the Ford GT500 at Santa Rosa going towards Tagaytay, and though it has already passed you, you can still hear it as it fades away in the distance.”

That has gotten people wondering, just how good is the GT500 from the eyes of the experts? Well ask no more. Jeremy Clarkson and the Top Gear crew have reviewed this baby, and it’s here for your viewing pleasure. And if you were looking to get one for yourself, at least now you know what it’s capable of. Enjoy!

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The Upcoming Sports Car Builder of the Philippines – BAR Custom Built Cars

For those of you lucky enough to have been to the 2009 Auto Summit held at Festival Mall in Alabang, you have seen the Custom Fiberglass Car by Autovision and BAR Custom Built Cars in its glorious prototype state. If not, don’t fret as you can also see it online here at
BAR Prototype at the 2009 Auto Summit

This custom-built vehicle has stirred a lot of criticism and has gained a lot of attention. From comments about the sandpaper-like exotic paint finish, to praises about its design, this ride has become something to look forward to in the automotive industry.

So what has Brendan Aurelio of BAR (Brendan Aurelio Racing), creator of this awesome ride, been doing with this baby lately? Making the car a whole lot better of course! Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like in its current state:
BAR Prototype in Yellow

Brendan say she actually tried an electric blue paintjob before this, but it looked sad during the night. But now, it looks real flashy in yellow, and screams “Look at me! Yes, go ahead and drool!”

Here’s a video of the car in running order, pre-paint:

This car is completely hand-made. Brendan started from scratch with a tube chassis weighing only 570kg, which was covered with a lightweight full fiberglass bodyshell. A Honda B16A Engine was mounted on a midship format for optimum traction to the rear wheels. Total weight: a mere 623kg; power-to-weight ratio: 254 bhp per ton!

You can look forward to seeing the new and improved BAR Prototype in the upcoming TRANSPORTSHOW on April 21 to 25, 2010. See you there!

What do you think of this ride? Do you think Pinoys are stepping up the plate? You think we can now start building our very own performance sports cars on the international arena? Share your views.

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