Which HID Kit is Right For You?


In the quest of customizing our rides, as well as getting better night driving visibility (and being noticed by onlookers), the most common aftermarket upgrade that auto enthusiasts do to their rides is replacing the Halogen Bulbs of the headlights for Xenon Bulbs, or to be more precise, High Intensity Discharge Lights (HID’s).

The term “Xenon Headlight” is actually is a misnomer. There are several types of HID lamps, and those without xenon follow this sequence when turned on: A sudden bright flash of light, followed by the lamp turning dim, then slowly becomes bright as it reaches its normal operating condition. The xenon gas is only used to speed up this process and provide instant light upon ignition of the lamp.

Upon purchasing HID’s, there are a multitude of Kelvin Temperatures to choose from, usually starting from 3000K, all the way up to 12000K or even higher. Be wary of this as it is a common misconception that the higher the Kelvin Temperature, the brighter the light. This is NOT TRUE.

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Cyrus Martinez Year End Promo Video (Must Watch!!!)

Video by Steve Reyes

Cyrus Martinez 2011 Year End Promo Video Custom Pinoy Rides
Pinoy Formula D drifter Cyrus Martinez of Megan Racing put on an absolutely fantastic show in this year’s Formula D. Though he didn’t win the championship, I think he did a great performance considering he placed above a lot of heavy-hitter names such as Samuel Hubinette, Robbie Nishida, and Jeff Abbott to name a few, and the fact that this is just his second full season.

This video by Steve Reyes is a showcase Cyrus’ stunning performance and skill in 2011, plus a means to thank his fans, supporters, and sponsors. Trust me, this is a must-see! Otherwise, you’re missing half of your life.

So sit back, relax, turn up the volume, put it in full-screen, and enjoy the video…

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Joby Tanseco’s Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3 Custom Pinoy Rides
“I think my waterbag broke…” – I heard a woman say once upon seeing the Porsche 911 GT3. What she meant was that this car was turning her on. I guess I can see why… This car is just oozing with mojo.

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The Triple Double: 3 Mazda 2’s from MazdaTech Philippines

Mazda 2 MazdaTech Philippines Custom Pinoy Rides
To be honest, the first time I saw a Mazda 2 in person here in the Philippines, I was a bit skeptical about the design. I first saw it from the rear, and it looked to me as if it were a tad too small for a hot hatch. Maybe it was the shape of the lights, as it reminded me of those alien drawings to me. But when I saw it from the front, I began to appreciate the entire looks of it from a holistic point of view. Now when I see one, maybe becuase with the smiley face design in front, I feel it’s smiling at me. So guess what… I smile back. LOL!

Now when the Ford Fiesta came out, I was half expecting a better looking car. I knew it was from the same platform, but I was thinking the Euro-inspired looks would trump the JDM-styling of the Mazda 2. But after a while, the Fiesta’s design, in stock form, started to look boring to me. Not so with the Mazda 2. Again, maybe it’s that smiley face, but it always looks like a happy car to me.

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Teaser: Automotive Designer Chairs by Atoy Design

Automotive Chairs by Atoy Design Custom Pinoy Rides pic1
In line with our much talked-about post about Custom Automotive Furniture, where we showed you the Atoy Design (by Atoy Customs) Chevrolet Camaro Office Work Desk, in matching Bumblebee livery, Atoy Design will now be expanding to create more Designer Automotive Furniture, such as what you see here – chairs inspired by none other than the Nissan R35 GT-R.

Check out the rest of the photos here…

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Car Photography Club September 2011 Challenge Winner: Wet and Muddy Ride by Jundio Salvador

Wet and Muddy Ride by Jundio Salvador Car Photography Club Custom Pinoy Rides
Jundio Salvador wins our Car Photography Club September 2011 Challege, where the theme was “Wet and ____ Ride!” brought about by the rainy and stormy weather last month. Jundio posted captured this Land Rover Defender making a big splash through some mud in the middle of a jungle setting and called it “Wet and Muddy Ride!”

His entry captured the most votes from fellow Car Photography Club members, and thus, he is crowned Car Photography Club – Photographer of the Month for September 2011. Congratulations Jundio! Looking forward to seeing more stunning photos.

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Atoy Llave’s Daily Driver: R34 Nissan Skyline by Atoy Customs

Atoy Llave R34 Nissan Skyline Custom Pinoy Rides pic1
Ever wondered what your favorite car tuners drive on a day-to-day basis? People such as Atoy Llave of Atoy Customs? Then you should love this.

This magnificent R34 Nissan Skyline is Atoy Llave’s current daily driver. Customized from nose to tail, what more can be expected of a man like Atoy? Well, being the man behind Atoy Customs, arguably the best tuning shop in the country when it comes to pimping rides, this Skyline is still a work in progress! Soon, a new body kit is to be installed to make it look even more aggressive, angry, and manly.

Watch out for that in a future post. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos!

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Jan Matias’ Noypi Integra in Vegas

Jan Matias Acura Integra Custom Pinoy Rides pic1
We’ve all heard of stories of Pinoys abroad, living the life, making it big. Well, I don’t mean to burst your bubble, as this isn’t such a story. This is Custom Pinoy Rides. It’s here where we show you what Pinoys living the life abroad, and making it big, are doing with their rides.

Meet Jan Matias. Originally from Cainta, Rizal, in the Philippines, now residing in the entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Jan rolls with an awesome Custom Pinoy Ride – a 1999 Acura Integra GSR, tricked out from the inside to the outside to under the hood, making a ride damn worthy to represent Pinoy Pride.

Click on the jump to see more photos, specs, and a treat for you feisty gentlemen – photos with car show models!

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Ralliart Body Kit by Atoy Customs

Mitsubishi Eclipse Ralliart Body Kit by Atoy Customs Custom Pinoy Rides front
The Mitsubishi Eclipse Ralliart Concept was a problem car for consumers. Why? Simply because it can’t be bought! It was a one-of-a-kind creation by Ralliart, intended for the SEMA Show a few years back.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, not anymore! Atoy Customs brings you a Mitsubishi Eclipse Ralliart body kit for the 4th Generation Eclipse, featuring a replacement front and rear bumper, and spoiler. Turn your 4G Eclipse into an instant head-turner with this body kit, and you’ll definitely stand out in any crowd of car enthusiasts.

Nuff said. Check out the rest of the photos here…

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Miata Club Trip to Tagaytay Highlands (Preview)

Miata Club Tagaytay Highlands Custom Pinoy Rides
Andy Rodriguez (A.Rodriguez Fotografia) and I joined the Miata Club on a trip to Tagaytay Highlands last weekend. It sure was a rainy and foggy trip of sorts, but that didn’t stop us from taking photos.

This is just a preview taken from my camera. Just a teaser of what is to come. Watch out for more right here at CustomPinoyRides.com. In the meantime, we’ll be quite busy editing and working on the layout for the upcoming 2012 Calendar… Watch out for it!!!

Thanks to the Miata Club for their hospitality, and for feeding us a sumptuous meal at Tagaytay Highlands. Hope you’ll enjoy the calendar we’ll be publishing featuring your club. Cheers!

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