DRIFT FEST Video Coverage by Wreckless Inc.

Drift Fest Video Custom Pinoy Rides
Finally, video coverage of the DRIFT FEST event from the Wreckless guys themselves! When these guys come up with videos, it’s always something you must see.

Here’s what they had to say about it:

Car Porn Racing®’s very first drift event.
Filmed by WRECKLESS Inc.
Shot on:
Sony EX1
Canon 7D
This event would not have been possible without the generosity and support of Good Year Racing, LiquiMoly, TopTul, Car Porn Racing®, Speed Lab, HKS Super Oil, RunStop, Rockstar Energy Drink, Wreckless Inc., SoHotel and Victoria Court.
Event winners were:
Best Ass Scraper – Raymond Ronquillo
Fastest Entry – Audel Sison
Best Tandem Partners – Audel Sison and Alvin Dayrit
Consistent Clipper – Boodie Dabasol
Novice Champ – Jesus Romero Salas
1st runner up – Coy Enriquez
2nd up – Tin Tin David
Pro Champ – Boodie Dabasol
1st up – Audel Sison
2nd up – Alvin Dayrit

Check out the video here now!!!

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Ryan Agoncillo’s Nissan S13 Silvia Drift Car at the 2012 Hot Import Nights

Ryan Agoncillo Nissan S13 Silvia Drift Car Hot Import Nights Custom Pinoy Rides
Spotted Ryan Agoncillo’s Nissan S13 Silvia Drift Car at the 2012 Hot Import Nights event. Nice to see a full-on drift car looking good as a show car. Definitely show-and-go.

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See you at the 21st Trans Sport Show from April 18-22

Custom Pinoy Rides will be heading over to the 21st Trans Sport Show coming up from April 18-22 at SM Megamall to take some awesome coverage of the event. Check back with us soon to see what’s hot on today’s car tuning industry.

To find out more about the 21st Trans Sport Show, check out the press release below.

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Manila International Auto Show 2012 Coverage – World Trade Center, March 30 – April 1 – Part 1

The Manila International Auto Show, or MIAS as most call it, has always been a manufacturer centric show, with the big names always showing up with massive displays and floor space. This year’s MIAS had all that as expected, but also offered a healthy doze of the aftermarket car culture.

This first set of photos covers the manufacturers exhibits in the main hall.

MIAS 2012 Custom Pinoy Rides Philip Aragones pic1

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Examining the Pros and Cons of Lowering Your Vehicle

Guest Blog by Sam Mauzy

1973 Mazda Lowrider Trick photo from Wikipedia Commons
Lowering your vehicle (if done properly) will result in a street machine that catches the attention of all
who see it. A modified street rod is meant to hug the ground, but if done in the wrong way can cause big
problems. There are many ways to accomplish lowering your ride of course some are better than others. When thinking about lowering a vehicle, take into consideration the end results. With the look you gain, you will lose ground clearance. Depending on the roads that you travel, this can be an issue.

A properly lowered machine will have a lower center of gravity which will vastly improve steering and reduce body roll. The ride might be a little stiffer, letting you feel more of the road improving handling. If done improperly, the ride you have will be rough and hard to control to the point of being unsafe to have on the road.

There are several lowering kits that can be purchased from different sources. After market springs are
manufactured, to lower your vehicle safely. When selecting your springs, keep in mind your entire suspension and not just the look you are after. Too much spring rate will cause your tires to lose contact
with the road, but too soft of a spring will let your vehicle hit the bump- stops. Either condition can be
dangerous and uncomfortable. There are companies that have invested a great deal of time and money, into research to help you select the proper spring package for your vehicle.

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Drift Fest Event Coverage – Clark International Speedway, March 17, 2012

Drift Fest Custom Pinoy Rides Photo by Philip Aragones pic1
March 17 saw drift cars heading towards Clark International Speedway to compete in this year’s most definitive drift event yet. The Car Porn Racing Team, led by Ian King, started the event with practice laps, and suddenly I was thrown into drift heaven. The all important ingredient to every great drift event, freshly burnt rubber, was more than abundant.

Read on to see the rest of the event coverage

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FW Concept Acura RSX / Honda Integra DC5 Widebody

Acura RSX Honda Integra DC5 Widebody Custom Pinoy Rides 2012 Hot Import Nights
Interestingly, for the Honda Integra DC5, also known as the Acura RSX, the acronym “RSX” actually stands for “Rally Sportscar eXperimental”. Looking at this heavily modified RSX, it seems like they put the term RSX to good use, as it looks like it’s ready to climb Pikes Peak! Would you agree?

I could imagine that air filter sticking out of the front bumper sucking in all the clean and cold air into the engine before the front tires start kicking up the dust. That front air dam is also the perfect place to mount the infamous JDM Tilting Plate Holder correctly.

I’m digging the INGS style front bumper, with the additional aero parts that blend nicely into the widened front fenders. The rear end looks like it also got a dose of widening, and combined with the livery and colors, really really gives it the Rally Sportscar eXperimental look, or RSX, giving justice to the name this car was given from the factory.

Pretty cool ain’t it?

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Marc Thomann’s Turbo Honda Civic EK Hatchback Racecar

Marc Thomann Turbo Honda Civic EK Custom Pino Rides pic1
You might recognize this Honda Civic EK Hatchback as something that’s been featured quite a while back here at Custom Pinoy Rides. And if you’re a fan of the Circuit Showdown events, then you must have seen this ride in person or through photos on the internet. If you’re used to seeing this car at speed, I wouldn’t blame you because it has won there quite a number of times before.

Now, we get to observe it standing still. What you see right here looks to be the latest iteration of this compact rocket, as displayed during the 2012 Hot Import Nights show.

Read on as we go into some details about this special ride, and also take a look at what’s up under the hood. Check it out…

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Chevrolet Camaro SS by R33 Car Exchange at the 2012 Hot Import Nights

Chevrolet Camaro SS by R33 Car Exchange at the 2012 Hot Import Nights Custom Pinoy Rides
Went to the recently concluded, and first ever Hot Import Nights, last March 24-25, 2012. Since it’s inception in California, Hot Import Nights was an auto show featuring compact and tuner import cars – supposedly cars from outside the USA.

Now that Hot Import Nights has been franchised by the Bumper2Bumper crew here in the Philippines, I’d like to start off the car features from the event with something that, had this event occurred in the USA, would not have been considered an import. But since I think it’s an awesome car nonetheless, I bring you Bumblebee’s albino brother – the white Chevrolet Camaro SS by R33 Car Exchange.

By the way, it’s for sale. Any takers?

Since I think the Bumblebee yellow color scheme is quite cliche nowadays, I think white with red racing stripes is an awesome color scheme for this Camaro. How about you guys? If you were to get your own Camaro, what would you like the color scheme to be?

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Ford Club Philippines 10-Year Anniversary (Part 3)

I’d like to apologize to you guys for the long hiatus. Been real busy lately as, since I’m also human, I also experience changes in life like all of you do. Don’t worry, it’s nothing negative and it doesn’t mean you’ll see less blogs from me or from Custom Pinoy Rides. My wedding is coming up next month, so my time has been a bit more divided the past few weeks. But not to worry, things will be looking up for Custom Pinoy Rides and this year will be even bigger than last year. In the meantime, let me catch up on some stuff I need to post up…

FCP 10 year anniversary Custom Pinoy Rides pic1
In Part 2 of this series, I’ve featured the Invasion of the Old Schoolers. Today, I’d like to show you some of the more modern vehicles wearing the blue oval, and what their Pinoy owners have done to customize and personalize them.

See the rest of the gallery below…

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