David, Wallace, and Cabanero fill the Podium on the 1st Leg of the 2013 Novice Drift Series

Photos by THE aSTIG and Errol Panganiban

Leg 1 2013 Novice Drift Series Custom Pinoy Rides pic1
The Novice Drift Series is THE grassroots drifting competition in the Philippines today. Where else can you find young talent making it big and showing the world what they’re made of? And get this – the top 3 finishers of the 2013 series get to turn Pro! How cool is that? Custom Pinoy Rides is a proud media sponsor, because we want to be part of those who showcase all that talent to the rest of the world.

Having concluded the 1st round last March 9, it’s time to check out the results. Read on to find out!

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HIGH SOCIETY hosted the LARGEST 86-BRZ MEET EVAR last 06-Mar-2013!

High Society 86 BRZ Meet Custom Pinoy Rides Pic1
March 6, 2013 will forever go into the history books as the day when HIGH SOCIETY hosted the LARGEST 86-BRZ Meet to-date…

Read on to see the rest of the story and the full gallery…

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Stivo Racing Exhausts, Now On Sale in the USA!

Photos from Wheeldude and High Society

Stivo Racing Exhaust High Society Custom Pinoy Rides pic1
To my dear Filipino Brethren, This I say to you: Colonial Mentality… I always shake my head when I hear that word…

Colonial mentality is the thinking that foreign talents and products are always the good, the better, and the best, and that the local ones are of poor or no quality at all.” – emanila.com

When it comes to the Philippine Aftermarket Industry, people tend to buy USDM or JDM “branded” products, and even proudly display the sticker decals on their precious cars. Why? Well, one of the reasons can be because of Colonial Mentality.

Here at Custom Pinoy Rides, we do what we can to battle Colonial Mentality, and instead, promote the local aftermarket industry. That’s why we have “Proud to be Pinoy” sponsors and partners such as Atoy Customs – arguably the best custom car maker on this side of the world; Rota Wheels – World renown wheel manufacturer; and our most recent addition to the family, High Society – who not only carries the Filipino Flag by promoting local products here, but also abroad!

One of High Society’s brands is none other than Stivo Racing. You’ve all heard about Stivo Racing products here at Custom Pinoy Rides when we showed you their awe-inspiring Toyota 86. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to announce to the world that Stivo Racing Exhausts have made its way into the USA!

As you can see in the above photo, the Stivo Axleback Exahust for the Toyota 86 / Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ is fitted onto this stunning ride. The California plate being evidence of it being on US soil. And in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s sporting a Stivo Trunk Spoiler too!

Read on to see the rest of the photos, and what the exhaust system looks like before it is installed…

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Custom Pinoy Rides Events >> The 2013 Novice Drift Series

Novice Drift Series Custom Pinoy Rides
It’s totally awesome to see a grassroots drifting competition come about as this will nurture the future of our drifting and motorsports industry and community. And this year, there’s the Novice Drift Series, where Custom Pinoy Rides is a proud Media Partner.

Read on to see what the event is all about…

NDS (Novice Drift Series) is a collaboration project of the Professional Drivers to give Novice Drivers the opportunity to compete in a professional drifting environment that will highlight their driving skills and even hone their talents to prepare them for the Professional Competitions.

NDS is headed by Joel Dagdag, the core of “1320 Shoot-Out”, an invitational Drag Racing event and produced by Miles & Chepe Feliciano of RedShoeTouge Media Produce. NDS Race Course Setter and Overall Director is Mr. David M. Feliciano of DMF Drift, the pioneer of drifting in the Philippines, who created “Countersteer”, the first ever Drifting Event in 2006.

Drifting is the fastest growing type of Motorsport in the world today. It is the most visually stunning entertainment show where everyone can see the entire track and the drifting, wheel to wheel, live action up close. The drifting community here in the Philippines has been growing each year and more Novice Drivers and enthusiasts are looking for more drifting events where they can showcase their drift cars and drifting skills.

The Novice Drift Series aims to bring grassroots drifting to a more progressive level, one that is comparable to its Asian counterparts, and this will be achieved by putting in place a set of rules that are being used in international competitions. In drifting, proper judging is the main key to a successful event, and this is why we have chosen no less than the current champions of local competitions to be our judges for this series.

Our goal is not only to promote the sport, but also to create new players and partnerships in this growing Drifting community here in the country. Drifting is a truly enjoyable, family-oriented, and exciting game for all.

Event Details:
Round 1: March 9, 2013 (Megatent Libis)
Round 2: May 18, 2013 (Megatent Libis)
Round 3: July 27, 2013 (Megatent Libis)

Spectators Entrance Fee: P50
Drivers Entry Fee: P2500
Tent Rental: P1000

1) Judge of Line – Alex N. Perez (6Time Overall Pro Champion)
2) Judge of Angle – Audel Sison (2011 Overall Pro Champion)
3) Judge of Speed/Style – Boodie Dabasol (Multi-awarded Pro Champion)

Chief Scrutineer:
John Boban – (3Time Champion Castrol Edge Underground Series & Overall Top 5 Pro Champion)

Race Course Setter and Overall Event Director:
David M. Feliciano

Watch this space for updates and event coverage about the 2013 NDS. Stay tuned!
Novice Drift Series at Custom Pinoy Rides

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Craig Samson’s 2000 Honda S2000 by DZ Racing/Bace Garage – 2012 Manila Auto Salon Best of Show: Tuner

Craig Samson Honda S2000 Powerhouse Amuse DZ Racing Bace Garage Manila Auto Salon Custom Pinoy Rides pic1
The Powerhouse Amuse S2000 GT1 is probably one of the most controversial body kits released for the Honda S2000. There were many comments about how the end result looked like, where what you’d see mostly on the internet is that it was in white. But I don’t care what people said about it, because seeing it here in black, it looked totally magnificent! No wonder it won the Best of Show: Tuner award at the 2012 Manila Auto Salon.

Check out the rest of the photos as we take you through a tour around Craig Samson’s 2000 Honda S2000 by DZ Racing/Bace Garage

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Custom Pinoy Rides Events >> The 2013 Manila International Auto Show

MIAS 2013 9x12inches
It’s 2013, and once again, it’s almost time for one of the most awaited car shows in the country – the 2013 Manila International Auto Show.

Coming up this April 4-7, 2013, 10AM to 10PM at the World Trade Center Manila, the theme this year is all about “Innovation and Technology”.

Read on to see what the organizers have to say about this awesome event…

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Martin de Leon’s 1986 Toyota Hi-Lux by 199 Off-Road House – 2012 Manila Auto Salon Best of Show Sport Truck

Photos by THE aSTIG and Philip Aragones

Martin de Leon 1986 Toyota Hi-Lux 199 Off-Road House Manila Auto Salon Custom Pinoy Rides pic1 Philip Aragones
Toyota Hilux pickup trucks are known to be indestructible. That’s why they’re a weapon of choice when it comes to modifying for off-road purposes. Just like what Martin de Leon has done to this 1986 Toyota Hi-Lux, which was modified and armed to the teeth by none other than 199 Off-Road House. And that won this mini truck turned big rig the Best of Show Sport Truck award at the 2012 Manila Auto Salon.

Check out the rest of the photos as we take you through a tour of the ins and outs of this awesome ride…

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Custom Pinoy Rides AIR SUSPENSION Air Bags vs Cup Kits EXPLAINED pic1
Custom Pinoy Rides AIR SUSPENSION Air Bags vs Cup Kits EXPLAINED pic2

Ever wonder how some of those cars you see parked in car shows get to drive around, when at the shows, they’re completely slammed and laying frame on the ground? Well, they’ve got Air Suspension. That’s right!

While there are many iterations of these, especially the first type, in its basic essence, there are just two types of air suspension systems. Read on to see the differences between the two, the pros and cons of each, and what you should get depending on your needs…

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Custom Pinoy Rides – 2013 Car Mavens Auto Show (Video)

Video by Errol Panganiban

Custom Pinoy Rides Car Mavens Auto Show Errol Panganiban Video
Errol Panganiban has done it again with another awesome video, this time about the 2013 Car Mavens Auto Show last January 26, 2013. From Old School Cars to Stanced Rides to Modified Wonders, and of course Car Show Babes, this will surely be something you can feast your eyes on.

Watch the video below now. Enjoy!

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Korean Star

Korean Star - Hyundai Accent Stanced and Hellaflushed

Korean music or Kpop whatever you call it are in trend these days. Some people are getting OC about it, some just like them and some just hate them. I wonder, but no offense. Is it because of those girl looking men, indescribable fashion and etc?

Anyway here at custompinoyrides, we bring you a real Korean star. Yes! Well literally, it is a Korean car wearing star looking wheels. Last January 26, 2013, at the Car Mavens Auto show in SM center Las Piñas, There is a car that instantly caught my attention – this Hyundai Accent. As we know Hyundai is a Korean car company. And historically, people in the car customizing community used to ignore Korean cars because they’re so busy tuning their Japanese Honda Civics and other JDM cars. But then it changed.

The reason why this Accent caught my attention is, well come on! Look at that! Low ride height, wide wheels, stretched tires, I mean look at the fitment! It looked meaty and sexy at the same time. Look how gorgeously the car sits right there. It changed the whole looks from a rate of 4 up to 10 by just tuning the wheels and suspension.

But the thing is when you drive it, going over speed bumps or humps will definitely be huge challenge. So does driving it in a bad road conditions. With lowering springs that have been cut to go even lower, according to the owner “Panalo sa tagtag pre”. Expect to feel every irregularity on the road while driving it. Well it’s like give and take actually. Getting in the stance game with this setup will give you a good looking ride, but it takes away the driving comfort. But who cares? I’m still a fan of low cars and I will always be. The question is does it catch your attention too?

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