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Ford EcoSport on Steroids!?

What happens when you inject steroids into a Ford EcoSport urban mini SUV? This! So what if it’s on the same platform as the Ford Fiesta and Mazda 2? For long out of town drives to destinations you’ve never been … Continue reading

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Nothin but R34 Skyline Goodness. For Paul. Amen.

Awesome tribute to Paul Walker with this nicely done R34 Skyline. Brian Spilner’s favorite ride. Check out the rest of the gallery below…

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Not your usual X-Trail

It’s not a common sight to see a modified Nissan X-Trail, let alone a stanced one. So seeing one rolling down the street looking clean in black and green definitely grabs attention. Would you agree? Check out the rest of … Continue reading

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The Greatest Multicab in the World?

The Multicab, as Pinoys would call it, is a small light truck, or as the Japanese creators would have it – Kei truck. Originally made to be the workhorse of the smallest of vehicle classes in Japan, it has evolved … Continue reading

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Now That’s One Way to Make a Mirage Look Good!

How do you set yourself apart from the many Mitsubishi Mirages that you see rolling around the streets? This is definitely one way. Would you agree? Yes, you’re not hallucinating. This Mirage looks good. It’s really not how much customizations … Continue reading

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All-Terrain Allterra

In the sea of Monteros and Fortuners that you see left and right nowadays, the Isuzu Alterra, and even the newer MU-X, is almost as if it’s a left-field choice. But after seeing this Alterra right here, that looks to … Continue reading

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Rocket Bunny RPS13

Photos by Philip Aragones and THE aSTIG Before the Rocket Bunny Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ / Scion FRS became cool, there was the Rocket Bunny S13. I should say, even in though this kit is several years old, it … Continue reading

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Would You Believe that this was Originally an A31 Cefiro? (Conversion to Nissan R35 GT-R)

If you’ve been amazed at what A-Toy Customs has done in converting an R33 Skyline into an R35 GT-R, then all the more if you found out that the were able to convert an A31 Cefiro into an R35 GT-R, … Continue reading

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“Boso-Sogo” Big-Body Toyota Corolla

We’re naming this Big-Body Toyota Corolla “Boso-Sogo” just because we want to. No offense to the owner, as we don’t know if that’s what he calls it, but that’s just what we thought of calling it, mainly because of the … Continue reading

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Would You Believe That This Was Originally a Honda Civic EG Hatchback?

Yes, that’s right. This car was originally a Civic EG Hatchback. Having undergone an extreme makeover, it has just about lost it’s Honda exterior physique, and reshaped into something that looks to have been Lamborghini Gallaro-ish inspired. It’s now called … Continue reading

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