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Custom Pinoy Rides Events >> The 2014 MANILA AUTO SALON

Alright guys! We’re so excited about this and you should be too! Yup, it’s that time of the year again where all the coolest, hottest, most awesome rides in the country gather together under one roof to celebrate the 2014 … Continue reading

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Would You Believe that this was Originally an A31 Cefiro? (Conversion to Nissan R35 GT-R)

If you’ve been amazed at what A-Toy Customs has done in converting an R33 Skyline into an R35 GT-R, then all the more if you found out that the were able to convert an A31 Cefiro into an R35 GT-R, … Continue reading

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“Boso-Sogo” Big-Body Toyota Corolla

We’re naming this Big-Body Toyota Corolla “Boso-Sogo” just because we want to. No offense to the owner, as we don’t know if that’s what he calls it, but that’s just what we thought of calling it, mainly because of the … Continue reading

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Wheels & Machines 2 (2014) Video Coverage by Custom Pinoy Rides

Camera 1: Philip Aragones; Camera 2: THE aSTIG; Video Editing: Errol Panganiban The recently concluded Wheels & Machines 2 Car Show was a surefire winner. The variety of cars in the show was absolutely astounding, we really enjoyed going. We … Continue reading

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Pinoys Abroad: E30 BMW 325is in Los Angeles California!

Due to insistent popular demand, we’ll be having more “Pinoys Abroad” features here at Custom Pinoy Rides. Just proves that no matter where Pinoys relocate to, the spirit of modifying and customizing cars will always be there. It’s embedded in … Continue reading

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Would You Believe That This Was Originally a Honda Civic EG Hatchback?

Yes, that’s right. This car was originally a Civic EG Hatchback. Having undergone an extreme makeover, it has just about lost it’s Honda exterior physique, and reshaped into something that looks to have been Lamborghini Gallaro-ish inspired. It’s now called … Continue reading

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The New XE30 Lexus IS is THE BOMB!

Photos by Philip Aragones The New Lexus IS is THE BOMB! It’s just oozing with so much XXX appeal – with emphasis on the spindle grille and everything that flows from there to the rest of the body lines.

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Pinoys Abroad: EVO 6 x S15 Silvia in Australia!

We always love hearing from our readers, not just in the Philippines, but also abroad. And what’s even more awesome is seeing their beloved project cars come to fruition. Today, we’re featuring 2 super cool storm trooper-themed JDM rides owned … Continue reading

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Neon Ninja – Monster Samurai!

It’s amazing, the things you can do to a Suzuki Samurai. With the proper modifications, you can turn a simple boxy little off-roader that barely anyone in the local urban society wants, into a mountain conquering monster, feared road-raged drivers. … Continue reading

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All-New BM Mazda 3 – Another Game Changer?

Photos by Philip Aragones The all-new 3rd Generation Mazda 3 (BM) is looking really nice, I should say. Do you remember when the 1st Generation (BK) was released? I thought it was a game changer in terms of design, looking … Continue reading

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