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  1. david shaw says:

    Hi aSTIG

    Looking for a car fabricator who can possibly build a replica british style sports car 1960s vintage i.e MG or Morgan.

    David Shaw, Renta Jeep, Camiguin Island, Philippines

  2. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for posting. I have a shop for you who says they’re looking forward to take this on. They can do it in Fiberglass or Sheetmetal. They’d be needing pictures all around. Please contact WarpZone New Age Customs at Sta. Mesa. 0917 5131778. Let me know how it turns out! Thanks!

  3. Peachy Espinosa says:

    Hi aSTIG,

    I’m not sure if this the right website to ask, but I hope you can refer a shop who does custom made vans or trucks into a roving kitchen. We need 4 units of this.



  4. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Peachy! I will ask my contacts and will get back to you. Thanks!

  5. astig… good day. it’s my first time. i have a corolla xl 12 valve and i know such is not a powerful car but i’m wondering how would i increase my engine’s power. can you put a turbo on a 12 vavle engine? if not what are the possibilities of increasing the horsepower? can you help me out on engine customization?

  6. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Victor! Welcome to CustomPinoyRides.com! Sure we’ll help you out. I’ll submit this in as a question for the AUTO GUROs so we’ll have a lot of heads thinking together to answer your question. I’ll post the answers soon. Thanks!

  7. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Peachy, people are saying ATOY Body Kits is the shop to go to for conversions like these. Let me try and ask Atoy Llave, the owner. Will keep you posted.

  8. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Peachy,

    Got this message from the ATOY Body Kits crew:

    “yes were focusing right now on mobile kiosk and motorhomes or any interior specs that they need. were still updating our website now but most probably by thurs everything will be updated na -kindly give this number for them to contact us 0917-8393076 ton llave tnx n godbless:) ”

    Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes! I’d like to see it too. :)

  9. Peachy Espinosa says:

    Hi aSTIG,

    Thanks for the lead. I will get in touch with Mr. Llave. I’ll keep you posted.

    More power!


  10. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Victor,

    We’ve responded to your question on this article. Check it out! Hope it helps. Let us know if you have any further questions. We’re always glad to help.

  11. Khaliz says:

    Hello aSTIG,

    Tried registering to the forum but it’s unavailable at the moment. Was looking for a place to get ideas and info from. I recently got an old lancer, “singkit” per my research, but I’m not particularly sure which type or model. I was looking for people who know of them extensively and who also might be able to work on it. Hope you could swing some help my way. :)


  12. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Khaliz! We have friends at MyMitsuPH.com who would be willing to help you out on your Singkit Lancer. Let me know how it goes! :)

  13. Belia Doyer says:

    I can see that you are an expert in this area. I am launching a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.. Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in your business.

  14. PATRICK says:


  15. Sometimes I just think that people write and dont really have much to say. Not so here

  16. chan says:

    how can i featured my car here??

  17. THE aSTIG says:

    hi chan! please email custompinoyrides@gmail.com with some shots and a description of your ride and we’ll take a look at it. thanks!

  18. Ninjo says:

    check out the website. may jollibee sticker pa hehe. thanks.

  19. THE aSTIG says:

    Can’t see which post has the sticker bro…

  20. chan says:

    what mods can i do with my 4afe engine?? where can i buy performance parts for my engine?? thanks

  21. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Chan! There are waay too many mods you can do with a 4AFE. Depends on a lot of things like what you wanna do with at and what you’ll be using it for, as well as how much you’re willing to spend?

  22. chan says:

    i wnt it for drag kahit pa onti2 lang like cams etc…

  23. THE aSTIG says:

    Have you tried joining a Toyota club dude? Like Grupo Toyota or TACP? They can offer lots of valuable info, depending on your preference. Coz if it were me, if I were to tinker with the engine down to replacing internals and cams, I would want to start with a good base such as a 4AGE, at least a hi horse or a sliver top. No pun intended on the 4AFE, as it’s a very reliable motor for daily use. But as far as I know it was meant more for Fuel Economy than Racing, hence the “FE”.

  24. Arjun Angeles says:

    Hi Astig,

    I’ am planning to restore my Dad’s car and hoping you can lead me to the right direction. The model of the car is Toyota Corona 1979.

  25. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Arjun – Where are you located? If you can drop by the Las Pinas area, I know just the right people to help you – Cartistics Garage. They specialize in Old School Japanese cars such as your Corona!

  26. christian says:

    anyone nag sesell ng old school car??

  27. Hi , I am based in Ireland (near UK) and plan on another visit to PH next week. Actually I am getting married to my fiance , originally from Cebu.
    I will be in the Philippines for 4 weeks and would love to visit / make new contacts with anyone in the trade , particularly Drifting and other bodykits / performance parts etc.
    Any ideas ? I had thought of contacting Rota to see if I could visit their factory – their products are very popular here, and maybe Atoy ?
    Basically I would like to have business contacts and suppliers in PH ( it would give me the excuse to visit more often!!!! ).

    Any ideas for me ???
    Id love to attend a drift event etc too ………..

    Maraming Salamat !!
    Also maybe looking for someone to manufacture parts in fibreglass ?? Spoilers etc.

  28. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Brian! Great to hear! Congratulations and best wishes man! Email me when you’re here in the Philippines and have some free time. I can hook you up, as the contacts you’re looking for are actually my sponsors! Here’s my email: custompinoyrides@gmail.com. Cheers mate!

  29. Ok , will do !

    Any other ideas of things to do or see while visiting email me on driftkits@aol.com

    Cant wait to get there now!!!

  30. ryann says:


    planning to customize in and out my fathers old ” Mitsubshi 2000 space wagon ” i … as i have surf the net and have seen customized ones …. looking for a shop capable of doing such things in cebu … hope you can help me out and recommend somebody..

    looking forward on your reply. many thanks!!


  31. THE aSTIG says:

    Cebu? Hmm… Let me ask my Facebook buddies let’s see if they have contacts in Cebu. Is the space wagon a gas or diesel variant? And what mods do you want to do with it?

  32. Brian Campbell says:

    Let me know about people in Cebu too – Im here now lol!

  33. THE aSTIG says:

    I personally dont have contacts in cebu but i can ask my facebook buddies. Are you coming over to manila?

  34. Brian Campbell says:

    Not sure tbh. Ill see how time goes. I would like to maybe visit the Rota factory if possible because we sell a lot of these at home . And I know most of the car scene is in the Manila area. Any drift events coming up ???

  35. THE aSTIG says:

    Rota factory is here in Manila…
    Lateral Drift was last July 23 and 24! The next one is on September 10 and 11 mate. Will you still be here by then?

    But if you’re after a car related event in Cebu, there is one coming up this weekend Aug 5-7 at the Cebu International Convention Center. The 2011 One Cebu Inter Autoclub Meet.

  36. Bong says:

    Sir Astig,

    I just bought a mazda 3 1.6L V last month but im not so convinced on the looks. Maybe you could refer me to a shop here in cebu that customize mazda?or any shops that sells mazda accessories?

    Many Thanks

  37. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Bong – Am sorry not very familiar with shops in Cebu. But feel free to post your question on our Facebook Page and perhaps one of the shop owners might respond http://www.facebook.com/custompinoyridesdotcom

    But if you want one of the body kits from Atoy Customs, there’s a promo going on. And since the prices are really affordable now, that may offset the shipping cost to Cebu! Check it out here, and let me know what you think. http://www.atoycustoms.com/bodykits/mazda/ We can work on sending it to you in Cebu. Let me know which one you’d like. Thanks!

  38. Yeah thanks , I got to see the show at CICC !
    Had planned on going to Manila / Quezon and visiting several places , but just didnt get a chance.
    Back home now, back at work!

    Sounds like there is an opening for a custom shop in Cebu area ????
    Maybe I should come back ……………… :-P

  39. Drake Phillips says:

    Hi Astig,

    There is a Subaru Impreza owned by Paolo Martinez on your site. I was wondering how I could get more info on this wonderful car??

  40. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Drake – Sure I’ll ask Paolo about it. Keep you posted!

  41. james says:

    just wanna know where can I buy a brand new hondata s200 in philippines.Ive been searching on the net..can find one.

  42. Beng says:

    Hey there, i just bought a semi restored 81 starlet, i kinda want to restore it to its original state… Can you recommend a shop? Thanks. more power to you and your site.

  43. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Beng – Where are you located? For original restorations of Japanese make, I’d recommend Cartistics Garage in Las Pinas. Here are some samples of their work that we’ve featured here: http://custompinoyrides.com/?s=cartistics

  44. Beng says:

    Yeah, their restorations are awesome!!! I’m from kalookan by the way. Can’t wait to bring my car to their shop. My starlet’s not really in bad shape, it actually looks great for a 31yr old car. The thing is it has bits of rust here and there. I’ll try to post a picture of it to your fb page. Thanks again.

  45. Ariel says:

    Good day!
    I purchased a second hand toyota corona 92. I am just wondering if you know someone who can restore the keyless entry feature of the car, and also the stereo.

    Thanks and more power!


  46. Alan says:

    I am an ex OFW and I get interested on your Mobile Kiosk, but my business plan is start with a Mobile Sari Sari store which is more applicable in our area. Could you please send me a layout or a finish picture of your product and quotation.


  47. Alfred Jiongco says:

    Good day the aSTIG!

    I was a big fan of custompinoyrides since 2010. And also a Motorhead since I was 3. Sharing aside, I am presently owning a 2003 model Mitsubishi L300 exceed local van and I am an avid fan of stance pilipinas especially when you posted Jordan Reyes’ lowered hilux. Can you help me find a shop that can give me parts on how can I give my van a good ride drop? I know that lowering a van is much more difficult than lowering a car. BTW, my van’s suspension in the front is torsions and leaf springs in the rear. And can you give me ideas on the rims and dimensions of the tires I can put in my ride to add more spice in it? I want to fulfill my dream of having a hellaflush van. Hoping for your reply and advices. God bless and more power to you custompinoyrides!

  48. ian says:

    hi! astig,

    do you guys know where i can buy a used/2nd hand FORD EXPEDITION, HONDA CR-V, or HONDA CIVIC, no more than 50,000 kilometers {mileage}, 1 owner, casa maintained, all stock, automatic.

    and i also need a TRUSTED used/ 2nd hand car dealer around luzon.

    thanks, hope you guys can help me……………..

  49. Chester says:

    Good day po, i was wondering if you could hook me up with a shop that can fabricate the rubber gutter by the door (sorry, i forgot what its called). Its for an ’86 Isuzu Gemini I-mark…..
    since it is a rare car the parts for it are close to none.. hope you could help po

  50. Jean Alva says:

    I am wanting to have a customized van that will allow me to travel easily in and around the Philippines (my big dream). I am thinking of getting a Mercedes Benz Vito diesel. Can this be a good van to fix up? We would be needing at least a captain’s chair, TV, folding bed and portalet as the must haves. I would love suggestions and estimates please. Thanks a million!