The Greatest Multicab in the World?

The Multicab, as Pinoys would call it, is a small light truck, or as the Japanese creators would have it – Kei truck. Originally made to be the workhorse of the smallest of vehicle classes in Japan, it has evolved to many different versions with various purposes.

Some people have affectionately called the 4×4 Kei Truck versions as “MiniMogs,” as they are somewhat miniature versions of the Mercedes Unimog Truck. So if there are those who modify the Unimog to further improve its off road go-anywhere prowess, then why not do the same to the “MiniMog?”

Well, as you can see, that’s exactly what the guys at 199 Off Road House have done. Read on to find out more…

It seems the biggest change that’s been done to turn it into the monster that it is now is the suspension work. It’s suspended by long-travel Coilovers, with a solid axle front replacing the factory IFS. The axles have been upgraded, and as you can see, have been reinforced with trusses to take on those massive Interco Super Swamper tires.

Apart from the trick 4-link suspension, check out that hydraulic steering! This rig really means business, especially when you have…

…4-wheel steering! This truck is already small to begin with, imagine the turning radius on this now. It should be able to get out of a pinch off road real easy, and perhaps even crab its way out of some obstacles.

And then check out the full custom bar work. From the tubular steel bumpers, sliders, exo cage…

…that span the entire vehicle from front to rear. That’s more than adequate protection for anything that resembles a crash or a roll-over.

And then of course, no serious hardcore rig would be without a winch, recovery points, and off road lighting.

Photos taken during the 2014 Manila Auto Salon.

So what do you think? Is this the greatest and biggest small truck in the world? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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