Now That’s One Way to Make a Mirage Look Good!

How do you set yourself apart from the many Mitsubishi Mirages that you see rolling around the streets? This is definitely one way. Would you agree?

Yes, you’re not hallucinating. This Mirage looks good. It’s really not how much customizations and aftermarket goodies you put; it’s how you make everything work together harmoniously. Sometimes, simple mods make a big difference.

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As you can see, there isn’t much that’s been done to make this car stand out. The big ticket items are the drop, wide wheels with aggressive offset, and stretched tires, all massaged together to create that awesome stanced look. And of course that “laglag-panty” sticker helps too.

This isn’t even the top-spec Mirage. But it seems the lack of spoiler, and tint-less look adds a lot of character.

From this angle you can see how the stance and fitment flows well with the factory lines of the car. The “cuteness” has gone, as it now exhibits more attitude, giving those curves a more muscular look, especially with the orange-colored wheels. Snazzy!

Photos taken during the recent Wheels & Machines Auto Show.

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