CPR Project Car: “Project Olaf” Teaser

We have a new project that we’re working on. Can you guess what vehicle this is?

We understand that owning multiple vehicles for different purposes isn’t for everyone. Even if you have the resources to own a race car, an off-roader, a bike, a comfortable and/or economical daily driver, a luxury car, a supercar, a separate family car or people hauler, and anything in between, sometimes it isn’t just feasible. Otherwise, everyone would be like Jay Leno.

So what we’ll be putting together in this project is a practical vehicle package that can tackle the vast majority of tasks and recreational activities that most Filipino car owners would need and perhaps want from a vehicle, and then some. To give you a hint of what’s to come, instead of building another project car for a specific task or purpose, we’re going a different route by building this to make it capable of performing majority of the demanding tasks most vehicle owners ask of their cars, but have our project car capable enough such that it can do all of that one after the other, and do all of that exceptionally well.

For instance, we would be asking this vehicle to perform as a long-distance cruiser, eating up several hundreds of highway kilometers at speeds of whatever the speed limit dictates, with overtaking power on demand…

…with superior comfort and enjoyment, while consuming the least amount of fuel possible.

And then all of a sudden, we would be asking it to tackle canyon-carving zig-zag mountain passes with steep inclines and treacherous descents, all while giving the driver great confidence in handling and managing sudden maneouvers to brake, steer, and safely avoid obstacles such as rocks from landslides, animal jaywalkers, and even some moronic drivers.

Only to find that thereafter, it will be subjected to some of the most arduous (Grade 3, maybe Grade 4) terrain you could imagine, off-road, off the beaten path, with all types of elements that mother nature can throw at you, with mud, sand, rocks, rivers, and jungles. All that without getting stuck, or managing recovery to get yourself, or other vehicles, unstuck as needed.

Everything has to happen even while being fully-laden with passengers and/or camping gear, with the expectation that the engine would not skip a beat, and not boil-over any engine fluids from extreme use and from changes in atmospheric pressure and oxygen density due to changes in climate and altitude.

Then after repeating the same sequence in reverse-chronological order, it should be ready and able to bring the family to the mall, pick up groceries, take the kids to school and you to work every day, safely, through heavy traffic and along with road bullies, consume the least amount of fuel while doing so, while still expecting it to be highly manoeuvrable, allowing you to park with ease even in the tightest of mall parking lots.

Oh and it should be so simple that even the usual soccer mom can drive it, your regular all-around mechanic can service it, and some of the parts are available even in the remotest of auto supplies.

Most importantly, it should be able to get you and your family to safety during adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, and flash floods. Reliability and dependability are paramount, since you’ll be entrusting it with your lives.

No matter how simple these demands may be, if you think about it, the expectations that we have from cars like this are so tremendous, these vehicles should be some of the most expensive in the world! But no, we’re starting with a platform vehicle that you’ll see just about anywhere you look. And the mods we’ll be doing should practically be accessible to the average vehicle owner.

A lot of the mods we’ll be doing are so practical, you don’t even have to have the exact same vehicle to replicate these. So whatever car you drive, you’ll probably still be able to relate and pick up a thing or two from this project.

So stay tuned, and join us on this journey, only here at CustomPinoyRides.com.

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