Pinoys Abroad: HSV 6.2L LS3 V8 Power in Australia!

Pinoys Abroad Christopher Agam Custom Pinoy Rides HSV LS3 V8 Power in Perth Australia

Though HSV or even Holden cars aren’t available in the Philippines, that doesn’t mean that Pinoys can’t get to own one. Christopher Agam, who is based in Perth, Australia, is one of the lucky Pinoy car guys who rolls in one – specifically this murdered-out wonder you see here. Who wouldn’t want to own something that’s powered by a 6.2L LS3 V8? And isn’t it awesome having the convenience of four doors, a back seat, and a trunk (or “boot,” as the Aussies call it)? Imagine driving an Evo or Impreza STi that’s Rear-Wheel-drive, and without the turbo lag. How much fun would that be?

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15 Responses to Pinoys Abroad: HSV 6.2L LS3 V8 Power in Australia!

  1. Hope Chevrolet Philippines could bring in the Chevy SS ;)

  2. Harley Dangan via Facebook says:

    I want a GT-R

  3. Tyson DepPravacion Judd via Facebook says:

    ya the Pi got screwed out of most good cars, was surprised the brz and equivalents were made available here. so close to JP yet so far, what a damn shame

  4. Gem Dan Martin via Facebook says:

    Guys the answer is simple why they don’t sell those…people in PI complain about the gas consumption of a little 4 cylinder SiR back then lol! What more on a blown 4, 6 or 8 cylinder?

  5. Jonathan Campomanes via Facebook says:


  6. Datu Kevz Nwede via Facebook says:

    theres no room in the pi to open that car

  7. Libero Pensatorre via Facebook says:

    A 2jz Supra RZ – which will walk all over any Holden – is the only old affordable supercar that is both within the reach of average Filipinos and worth talking about.

  8. Justin Kimtan Villanos Baccay via Facebook says:

    Christopher Agam

  9. Christopher Agam via Facebook says:

    Morado del Rosario

  10. Christopher Agam via Facebook says:

    Here’s another one

  11. Zixela Niocavlas via Facebook says:


  12. Commodore…….in Australia and New Zealand