Pinoys Abroad: E30 BMW 325is in Los Angeles California!

Custom Pinoy Rides Pepe Smith E30 BMW 325is in Los Angeles California

Due to insistent popular demand, we’ll be having more “Pinoys Abroad” features here at Custom Pinoy Rides. Just proves that no matter where Pinoys relocate to, the spirit of modifying and customizing cars will always be there. It’s embedded in our blod. It’s part of our passion. Filipino ingenuity in action.

Check out Pepe Smith’s 1989 E30 BMW 325is, representing Los Angeles, California, USA. I love the fact that the mods done to it looks period-correct. And that it has just the right amount of drop where form meets function.

Looks like the E30 BMW is here to stay. Why do you think it’s so popular around the world? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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