Scooters: Making a Ruckus out of a Sym Jet?

Photos via Jose Oliver Llarena

Scooters - Making a Ruckus out of a Sym Jet Custom Pinoy Rides Manila Philippines pic1

While elsewhere in the world, the customized Ruckus movement has really grown in popularity, here in the Philippines, it has been other scooters like the Yamaha Mio, Honda Beat, some smaller 2T scooters, and underbone bikes which have been more popular. And it’s not until recently when the equivalent Honda Zoomer was released. So with Pinoy ingenuity in mind, what do you do when it’s hard to get a Ruckus? Well, make one!

Here, Custom Pinoy Rides reader Jose Oliver Llarena showcases what he affectionately calls his “Jetrucks” scooter. It’s a Sym Jet 100 modified into a Ruckus. Of course it wasn’t made to look like an ordinary Ruckus, but a modified one, complete with extended wheelbase and big fat rubber. Check out the rest of the gallery below!

Scooters - Making a Ruckus out of a Sym Jet Custom Pinoy Rides Manila Philippines pic2

Scooters - Making a Ruckus out of a Sym Jet Custom Pinoy Rides Manila Philippines pic3

What do you think guys? Have you seen other scoots converted into a Ruckus? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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50 Responses to Scooters: Making a Ruckus out of a Sym Jet?

  1. Brg Dan John Lacurom via Facebook says:

    Ariane Lacurom

  2. Bryan Bruto via Facebook says:

    I also saw this online from a local enthusiast, like a stanced faired ruckus. Angas!

  3. Vincent Loyola via Facebook says:

    Lawrence Zhaimac

  4. Where do i go if i want to customize my scooter like this sir?

  5. Jeffer de Guzman via Facebook says:

    Jojo de Guzman

  6. Jp Navera via Facebook says:

    Jerome AnarnaNhan Mendoza

  7. Allan Paul via Facebook says:

    Christopher John Roque

  8. Bri DL via Facebook says:

    brothers :)

  9. Juan Gabriel Lopez via Facebook says:

    Ezekiel Ram

  10. Tito Edralin post mo sa custompinoyrides motor mo!

  11. Mga bro idea nman dyn kung magkno aabutin kpag yung mio gagawin ganyan.

  12. Second question anong motor ang best n iconvert?

  13. Edgardo Roy Dolina via Facebook says:


  14. Thor-Ling Lomarquez via Facebook says:

    Bong Lomarquez

  15. Thanks. Any guesstimate mga bro?

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  17. JC San Mateo via Facebook says:

    Ion Lance Delos Angeles set up mo sa motor mo

  18. Please join Philippines Fatty Addiks for more Ruckus build! One of the unit locally made

  19. Jayfrill De Roxas JAypee De Roxas Anthony Panganiban

  20. DØnn Andres via Facebook says:

  21. Darwin Marcelino via Facebook says:

    Junel Perez

  22. Deomark Comendador via Facebook says:

    seems legit

  23. Rusty Gabuat Esteban via Facebook says:

    Sweet ride

  24. William Ray via Facebook says:

    Anunnaki The-Zulu

  25. Allan Aquino via Facebook says:

    Cokes Bryant Bintot De Aquino tara! Hehe

  26. Rodel says:

    Magknu po inabot nito sa pesos. Rodel H.K.

  27. Juan Miguel via Facebook says:

    Boss Zack

  28. Zack Patayon via Facebook says:

    Ok ah Juan

  29. Juan Miguel via Facebook says:

    Join ka group philippine fatty addiks boss Zack dun dami gumagawa

  30. Libero Pensatorre via Facebook says:

    A slow hog made all the more ugly.

  31. Leo Dominic Noche via Facebook says:

    san nagpapagawa nito…

  32. Romy says:

    Dis is like dune buggy on the moln and its really birth of da Cooolll!!!!!