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MFest Philippines 2014 Custom Pinoy Rides

If you’re a fan of the international car scene, then you must know what MFest is all about. If not, then what have you been looking at all these years? You’re missing half of your life!

MFest is one of the largest and most awaited automotive events in America and has already expanded to the United Kingdom and Belgium. What started as a BMW “M” event has not evolved into a “Motorsports Festival” featuring all the different brands, makes, and models. Why is it such a hit? Because MFest has become a proving ground of sorts. People who think they have the best looking car and the best and most powerful setup get to battle it out in a car show, drag race, circuit race, time attack, etc., where you can only be called the best if you prove your worth. How’s that for starters?

Not only that, how about getting from your location to the event in style? Caravans, or “fun runs” as they call it in the Philippines is very much at the heart of MFest, where cars gather at set waypoints and travel to the event, gathering more and more cars in the convoy pick-up points. MFest currently holds the Guinness record for this. All that and so much more.

Why is it coming to the Philippines? Because believe it or not, the MFest founder is Pinoy, and 75% of the MFest core group are actually Pinoys. So they wanna bring it back to the motherland! How awesome is that?

So what can you expect at MFest Philippines? Mile long runs, Multipoint caravans a.k.a. Fun Runs, Drift, Drag, Time Attack, Circuit Racing, Static Carshow, Miss MFest Philippines, Racing Clinics, Formula D Driver Demos, Celebrity Racing, $1000+ Raffle Prizes, International Media Exposure, International Race Instructors and Director, and You, being the superstar. Give us a reason why you want to miss out, gearhead?

We’re inviting all car enthusiasts and car clubs to join in on not just the fun, but all the action too! So, shall we see you at Clark International Speedway on April 12-13? If you’re down with it, hit us up in the comments!

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