CustomPinoyRides Babe Feature – Angel Umali

CustomPinoyRides Babe Feature - Angel Umali

During the last 2013 Manila Auto Salon, as we walked around the show, we saw Mika, our previous babe feature. We had a little talk and noticed that her sister Angel was also with her working on Bewith booth. So I thought, why not we have her for next feature! So we instantly put up some impromptu questions for this interview. Here in Custom Pinoy Rides, we are not just bringing you cool cars, but we also bring you the car show babes so you can get to know them more.

Our Babe feature for this month is Angel Adrienne Umali, 18 years old, and a first time car show model. Here’s how our interview with Angel goes…

CPR: When did you start modeling?
: I started when I was 16 years old in doing photo shoots. Now my first event is this last October 2013 only, I was a booth model in the Pinoy Gaming Festival and I never really planned to be a car show model but my sister who is a, let’s say, “popular” car show model, influenced me.

CPR: Well you’re still young. Okay so this is also your first time in a car show as a model. What can you say about car shows and how was your experience?
: It’s okay, actually before since my sister is a car show model, I’ve been hanging around the car shows with her and having a good time with everybody and because of that, people in the car shows know me already. Also since I’m well exposed to cars.

CPR: Yeah we noticed a lot of people approached you just to get a picture. Anyway is there any difference between car shows and other events you’ve been to?
: Uhmm since my first event is about gaming, I think the difference is the crowd. The crowd in gaming events are usually like teenagers, in car shows crowds are like mature people but there are some young people also. In my previous event I have to give out flyers, here I just stand next to a car and just smile to people. But I enjoy both.

CPR: Matured crowd.. haha. Well because kids like to play with computers and matured people liked to play with their precious cars, maybe? Moving on, as you’ve said earlier you were exposed to cars. Do you have this love or thing about cars?
: YES! I have this love about cars. When I was a kid I used to collect matchbox cars and also remember the Ferrari cars that Shell Gas station sells? I collected them also. Haha! So I can say I really do like cars.

CPR: Wow. I bet you have lots of those toys. Every car lover has these kinds of cars that they like or some call it “dream cars.” What is your dream car?
: Actually I like motorcycles but unfortunately my mom doesn’t want me to ride motorcycles. But I like Trucks, SUVs like Hummers. I do like fast cars also. My dream car is a Hummer H2.

CPR: Wow a Hummer H2. That’s very unusual, most women like small and cute cars painted in pink or whatever but you like cars that are big. And maybe the reason why your mom doesn’t want you to ride motorcycles is for your own safety. Riding Motorcycles in Metro Manila is quite dangerous so your mom should be happy that your dream car is a Hummer H2. An H2 is a very safe car. Haha. Moving on, what are your Hobbies and interests?
: Well now I’m a media presenter for DSTV. I like to draw, sing and dance, also I like to do stage plays because in school I participate in stage plays and of course Muay-Thai.

CPR: I see you have a lot of hobbies huh. Since you are now working with cars, right now you represent this car audio product called Bewith. For you, is it really necessary for a model to have knowledge about the products she represents?
: Of course because as a model we represent the product, and we endorse the product. Like any other endorser we should know everything about the product we are holding; it is really important.
CPR: Yeah and you are also the face of the product. Now since you are now popular in the industry, a lot of people know you, and you have thousands of followers online in social media sites. Any message to your supporters who keeps going to events just to see you and not really for the cars? Haha.
: I’d like to thank them and I’m very thankful and I appreciate them because without them maybe I’m not here.

CPR: Aside from modeling, what are your future goals?
: In the modeling industry, things are not permanent. When people ask me if I’m a professional model, I always say I do it part-time only and I love what I’m doing. In the future I’d like to be a Muay-Thai trainer.

CPR: I wonder how hard you kick. Hehe. But I don’t want to experience it. Haha. Okay for our final question. If you are a car, what kind of car are you and why?
: I’m a Hummer H2. For me the Hummer is a strong car that you can’t just…, you know… get messed around with. Why? I have a strong personality.

CPR: Wow a Hummer. You really like big cars, big engines, and fuel thirsty cars. Anyway Thank you Angel, we hope you a great career in the car industry, and in your future plan to be a Muay-Thai trainer. Hope to see you in various car shows again.

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