bB in BBS

Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography Manila Philippines Toyota bB in BBS pic1

The Toyota bB has had such a cult following that you’ll see many iterations of customizations being done to it. But sometimes, you don’t need a hefty number of modifications just to make one stand out. Check this white box for example.

Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography Manila Philippines Toyota bB in BBS pic2
This is just living proof that simple is beautiful. And the BBS wheels, which also has a cult following, just finishes off the stunning appearance.

Photos taken from Wheels & Machines.

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12 Responses to bB in BBS

  1. Thurrd Salita via Facebook says:

    Krenil Miclat si puti

  2. Mykell Cantos Edillor via Facebook says:

    #SBAK #nuffsaid

  3. Meg Angcanan Balagtas via Facebook says:

    Best Decals!

  4. it looked elegant and longer. the magic of BBS. haha

  5. Krenil Manipol Miclat via Facebook says:

    Salamat po! Apir! : )

  6. Polarizing. Good for the shape since this wheel fits squarish cars, compared to other modern cars where it feels pilit. Too many people with these wheels.

  7. My next car bibilhin kita pag iipunan kita

  8. Vincent Pelegrino via Facebook says:

    un oh gnda tlga ng bb

  9. Sig Bin via Facebook says:

    Japanese city car

  10. oscar san agustin says:

    nakaipon na ako! at swerte i’m one of the proud owner of this cute little box!