1st Gen Pajero 4-Door Mud Monster

1st Generation Mitsubishi Pajero 4-Door Mud Monster Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography Manila Philippines

It’s Friday today so we’ll continue with our Four-Wheel Fridays trend. Being a huge 4×4 enthusiast, I can confidently say that at least here in the Philippines, the 1st Generation Mitsubishi Pajero 4-Door (5-door to be precise) is one of the most underrated 4x4s that people consider for modification. It seems that people who choose to modify 4x4s from this era, the preference is more towards 4x4s which came with solid front axles from the factory, rather than the Pajero which comes with independent front suspension.

That being said, seeing a 1st Gen Pajero 4-Door that has been as seriously modified like what you see here is a rare sight to behold. And that’s why we’re featuring it today.

By the looks of it, apart from the custom mud paint job courtesy of mother nature, this Pajero, as seen in the 2013 Wheels & Machines car show, has been given the mandatory ride height boost through suspension modifications (see the custom IFS), and body lift. This allowed the fitment of large-diameter mud terrain tires (looks like 33×12.5 if I’m not mistaken).

Apart from that, from front to back, it features a custom bull bar and skid plate allowing for a front bumper delete for better approach angle. A winch is inclusive for when the going gets tough, and for demonstration purposes, is attached to the pull pal which comes in handy during those times when you find yourself without a winch anchor point.

You’ll also see that the bull bar has been integrated with the side steps/rock sliders, and the hood going into the windshield mesh protector and straight to the roof rack forming a brush guard for protection against wayward jungle branches and the like. Not sure how the snorkel is protected against snags but I presume the snorkel inlet gets adjusted to point to the rear if needed.

It also comes with a variety of accessories such as offroad lights on the bullbar and roof rack, including yellow spots to help penetrate fog in the mountainous regions.

Speaking of roof rack, I can see a few accessories mounted onto it such as an axe, a hi-lift jack, and sand ladders. Plus there are 2 spare tires – one on the roof rack, on the rear spare tire mount, to ensure the Pajero will get home whatever happens.

So there you have it, an extensively modified 1st Generation Mitsubish Pajero 4-Door. Is it worthy of being called a “Mud Monster?” Let us know in the comments!

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