The TrackHos Mile 2

Video by Trackhos

The TrackHos Mile 2 Custom Pinoy Rides

Ever seen what 100,000 horses gathered in one event would look like? This is probably as close as you can get. Wanna see what it looks like when you unleash all of that horsepower? Then you better watch this video.

The second running of the TrackHos Mile was held in November 2012 at Subic Bay Airport. As with the first running in 2011, this was not a race, but a gathering of some of the most exotic and most powerful cars in the Philippines, where participants could go flat out as often as they wanted without worrying about traffic, road works, or speed limits.

According to the TrackHos guys, this event was about beautiful cars, the need for speed, and the camaraderie and friendships that come with from a shared passion. Best of all, the proceeds from the event were donated to charity.

Watch the video below…

Whoever said the Philippines is a third world country should probably watch this video. And with this being The TrachHos Mile 2, if you haven’t seen The TrackHos Mile 1, then you should, because it it just as awesome.

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