Jordan Reyes’ Stanced Old School Toyota KE70/74 Corolla Wagon

Photos by Philip Aragones

Jordan Reyes Stance Pilipinas Old School Toyota Corolla Wagon Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography Philippines Manila Philip Aragones pic1

It’s Thursday once again, so for our TBT, we’re showcasing another old school ride. The thing is, this ain’t your ordinary old school restomod. If you know our buddy Jordan Reyes, who also owns the stanced Toyota Lowlux we’ve featured before, then you know you’re in for another exciting, and of course stanced project car build.

What originally was a Toyota KE74 wagon, received a KE70 front end. Then the fenders were widened to fit 15×8 zero-offset Rota Grid-V’s, before being slammed and stanced, with the chassis receiving a tremendous amount of modification just to make it this low. Now just because it’s low, doesn’t mean it’s not driveable, because this car was meant to be driven during track days, and of course the occasional hooning.

To give you more details on this, we’ve interviewed Jordan, who will tell you more about this fabulous ride…

CPR: What’s up dude? You got another nice project going on there bro. Why old school? And why a wagon?
Jordan: I’ve always liked the look of old Japanese cars there’s just something about them that appeals to me. There’s so much character and history surrounding each and every old school car that just makes me gravitate toward them. And I’ve been an avid fan of blogs like Hightopfade, shirtstuckedin, Riverside and the likes. So an old school car was naturally the way to go.

CPR: Cool! Now everyone has an amazing story to tell about their cars. What’s yours?
Jordan: I was looking for a KE70 that I wanted to play with and do a restomod on to be able to trackdays and just a car to hoon around with. It just so happened that a friend of mine was selling his KE74 wagon with a KE70 front end swapped in so I got it instead of getting a sedan. I got it for a good deal and I made it run with the help of DMF Drift.

CPR: That’s awesome! What have you done to the car so far?
Jordan: I flared the fenders around 20mm in the front and 30mm in the rear to accommodate the 10-bolter differential from a Corona. Front suspension is composed of Greddy AE86 coilovers, arms and RCA’s. Rear suspension now has a 1.5 inch block and de-arched leaf springs with TRD 8-way adjustable shocks. Engine is a 4AGE 20v Black Top with TRD clutch, flywheel and pressure plate. Open intake with Tonnka style 4-2-1 headers with a DIY exhaust. The wheels are 15×8 et 0 Rota Grid-V’s with rattle can paint. The most extensive modification done as of the moment is the chassis work. I had to notch a bunch of places in rear section and the differential tunnel just to I can lower the rear to match the fronts.

Jordan Reyes Stance Pilipinas Old School Toyota Corolla Wagon Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography Philippines Manila Philip Aragones pic2
CPR: Is it a completed project? Or will you be doing more to it?
Jordan: I don’t think this will ever be completed. I don’t ever see any of my cars as being complete because there is always something that I want to change or improve on as time goes by. But the KE is far from being what I want it to be as of this moment. It doesn’t even have wipers and side mirrors yet. I still want to put a full roll cage with a complete interior. Right now the interior is stripped in preparation for the cage. I want to change the whole I-H-E system. Add an Air/Fuel controller and a better radiator. And I want to do a coilover conversion in the rear. This list will go on and on as time goes by so yes I will be doing more to it.

CPR: Any last words / people you’d like to thank?
Jordan: I would like to thank Manila Fitted and DMF Drift for this build. And a shout out to my friends at Stance Pilipinas, OzawaJDM, Sushi Machine Fresh Produce and DaemonXM.

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