Gauge? Let’s see your engine bay!

Photo by Philip Aragones

Honda Civic Mugen Turbo Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography Philippines Philip Aragones Manila

Remember those drag racing days when someone would approach another racer and say “Gauge tayo?” (translation: let’s have a friendly gauge), then the other would respond “Sure! Let’s see your engine bay!

Well, once you see that massive turbo and that “Mugen” emblem on the valve cover, this is probably one of those engine bays that would make you go “Woah!” once you pop the hood. Question is, would you still race it?

Photo taken during the 2012 Manila Auto Salon

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One Response to Gauge? Let’s see your engine bay!

  1. Red1 says:

    Sure. I’m sure this car has lots of lag especially its just 4 cyl and fwd. But maybe I’ll tell him lets do circuit instead. haha. That I’m sure a laggy no torque b engine will have a very hard time. :D