Benchmark Study on what is the BEST AUTOMOTIVE WRAP

Benchmark Study on what is the BEST AUTOMOTIVE WRAP Custom Pinoy Rides Video

Our recent post entitled “Pros and Cons: Should You PAINT or WRAP Your Car?” got quite a lot of attention. And this got the people who preferred to wrap their cars to ask the question – “What is the BEST AUTOMOTIVE WRAP?” We got curious too! So we did some research, and have uncovered something that’s quite an eye-opener for us. So today, we’ll be answering that question for you.

In a recent article from Yahoo Finance, a Benchmark Study has been conducted comparing seven different vehicle wrapping films from major manufacturers worldwide.

The study was conducted by three independent vehicle wrap applicators at three different skill levels with the support of an independent wrap shop. The result?

Avery Dennison Benchmark Test Results
Let me take a quote from the article:

“Avery Dennison customers around the world have told us that Supreme Wrapping Films are the best available,” said Jon Maley, global vice president for marketing, Avery Dennison Materials Group. “This was affirmed by independent installers testing seven films on a variety of surfaces. The overall performance of Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping Film was superior to our competitors’ products.”

Read the full article from Yahoo Finance here, and watch the video below to see the details.

With the Installers themselves letting the world know what they think the best Automotive Wrap is, we did some research on what Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film is all about, for the consumers. We’ve contacted them to find out more about the product’s features, and here are some of the key points:

  • Very high gloss or matte “paint-like” finish (They say you won’t be able to tell if a car has been wrapped or painted if you install Avery Supreme Wrap.)
  • Excellent 3D conformability on concave and convex shapes including deep channels
  • Easy-Apply functionality helps eliminate bubbles and wrinkles
  • Repositionable and slideable technology enables faster installations
  • Excellent Long Term Removability (LTR) of the film during the lifetime of the applied product (They come with a 5-year warranty! Nice! This would be perfect for preserving your car’s factory paint, and therefore immensely improving its resale value.)
  • Outstanding durability and outdoor performance due to dirt repellent film characteristics (Ultimate paint protection, don’t you think?)
  • Coloured film and protective layer in one construction (The gloss-finish Avery Supreme Wraps already come with a transparent laminate over the wrap. With other brands, you have to get this separately, which would essentially double the price of getting your car wrapped.)


We’ve also found that chemical tests have also been done to check the product’s longevity:

  • Humidity Resistance through 120 hours exposure = No Effect
  • COrrosion Resistance through 120 hours exposure = No COntribution to Corrosion
  • Water Resistance through 48 hours immersion = No Effect
  • Chemical Resistance when applied to Aluminum = No Effect as exposed to Oil, Greases, Motor Oils, Mild Acids and Alkalis

Now if there’s one feature that must be emphasized for consumers, it’s the film’s “Long Term Removability.” See, there are many different vehicle wraps out there, and they all can achieve the same end result – a car that has been wrapped. But the value of high-quality Automotive Wraps like Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap is something you’ll experience over time. Apart from all the features we’ve pointed out previously, which cheaper wraps may not have, in the long run, you will be thankful that you got Avery Supreme due to its Long Term Removability.

If you opt for a cheaper wrap, you will have to factor in the cost of having to detail the whole car to remove residue after the cheap sticker is removed. Or worse, you might even end up having to repaint the entire car, and you may suffer a severe reduction in the car’s market value, as we’ve mentioned in “Paint vs. Wrap” article.

Avery Supreme comes with a 5-year warranty for fading and removability. That’s right! You can be sure that if you decide to remove the wrap within 5 years, your factory “Ferrari Red” or what have you, has been preserved and protected from the elements for the entire timeframe you’ve had the wrap on, upping your car’s resale value.

So what do you think? Is this the best Automotive Wrap or what? We certainly think so.

If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to post them on the comments below. We’ll try to answer them as best as we could, or with the help of our new friends at Avery Dennison.

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