A Stanced Suzuki Celerio that Oozes with Sex Appeal

Photo by Philip Aragones

Let me give you the simplest analogy for this Suzuki Celerio. You know that girl you once knew whom you thought was just “cute,” but nothing more? Then all of a sudden, after going through an extreme make-over, turned into that stunning drop-dead-gorgeous hot chick with that oh so curvaceous sexy body that you can’t help but stare in awe? Well, that’s exactly what happened to this Suzuki Celerio.

After going through a make over of being slammed to the ground, shod with super wide wheels and stretched tires fitted under widened fenders, it turned this once cute Suzuki Celerio into that amazing hot hatch oozing with sex appeal. You agree?

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One Response to A Stanced Suzuki Celerio that Oozes with Sex Appeal

  1. napoleongarcia3 says:

    hi i have a celerio but i want to change the wheel into magwheels i just wanna ask wat size of mags it will fit?