Fancy Stancing a Toyota Tamaraw FX?

Fancy Stancing a Toyota Tamaraw FX Custom Pinoy Rides

It’s Thursday today, so we’re doing a throwback to feature a vehicle that started the whole “FX Shuttle” movement in the Philippines – The Toyota Tamaraw FX. In contrast to the 4×4 “Range Revo Super Tamaraw FX” we’ve featured previously, this example here is a clean execution of a show-worthy Toyota Tamaraw FX featuring stand-out green paint, mesh wheels, and stretched tires wrapped over them. If you were to ask me, what’s missing is probably a decent drop to make it a jaw-dropping ride. But that’s just me. Nevertheless, this didn’t fail to catch our attention.

So what do you think? Would it look better Dropped or Not?

Photo from the recent Manila International Auto Show.

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