Mitsubishi Mirage by Atoy Customs

Mitsubishi Mirage by Atoy Customs Custom Pinoy Rides pic1

I’ve been noticing that in the past few blog posts that we’ve been putting up, it has mostly been about cars that have been modified and customized a bit on the wild side. So today, we’re featuring something that is a bit more practical; something that most people consider to be their daily drivers – the economical and practical hot hatchbacks.

Now the latest hot hatchback to storm the Philippine roads is none other than the Mitsubishi Mirage. It’s so hot that it won the car of the year award. So renowned car tuner Atoy Customs took a bone-stock Mitsubishi Mirage, and turned the temperature up a notch.

The result is the scorching hot Mitsubishi Mirage you see here, as seen in the Manila Auto Salon.

Mitsubishi Mirage by Atoy Customs Custom Pinoy Rides pic2
Kitted out from front to back, along with some rally-esque livery, this is a kit that would definitely make your Mirage stand out from everyone else’s. Agree?

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4 Responses to Mitsubishi Mirage by Atoy Customs

  1. jun says:

    Would like to see A-Toy make a kit for the Rio hatch. It would qualify as a better hot hatch project

  2. Wow! Atoy did a great job with this Mirage! One comment though is the look of it’s rear. I think the rear isn’t proportional with the modifications made in front. I think that the greatness of the front didn’t match the emptiness of the rear!

    Well ,anyway, it’s still a mirage and I love this cute hatch!

  3. richard says:

    i want this bodykit. for may glx mirage.. soon:)