Mercedes Benz 190E – The Car that put Ayrton Senna on the Map

Photo by Philip Aragones; Video by amp888

Mercedes Benz 190E Custom Pinoy Rides Philip Aragones Car Photography Manila Philippines

It’s Thursday today so we’re doing a Throwback by featuring what we think is one of the coolest Euro sedans ever made – the Mercedes Benz 190E. Dubbed as the “Baby Benz”, due to its size and wheelbase compared to the rest of the Mercedes line-up at the time. But what it lacked in size, it made up for in its ability to get you from point-a to point-b in speed, precision, and style.

Back in the day when this model was selling brand new from the factory, car program Top Gear predicted this would be one of the future classics in the car world, partly because of the fact that it also rivaled the BMW M3. This car also made history when during the 1984 inauguration race of the shortened version of the Nurburgring, where identical 190E’s were raced by former and then-current F1 drivers and champions, the unkown young driver named Ayrton Senna won the race, kickstarting his tremendous F1 career. Watch the video below.

Well, fast forward to today, and looking at this particular example, that has obviously been kitted out inside and out, you know that if you own one of these cars, you’re holding a piece of history right in your own garage. AGREE?

Check out Ayrton Senna’s video below. Enjoy!

Video by amp888

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