Kanjo Racer Style Honda Civic EF Hatchback

Kanjo Racer Style Honda Civic EF Hatchback Custom Pinoy Rides

It’s Thursday today, so we’re doing a throwback to the car culture era of Kanjo Racing. Now I don’t know about you, but this Honda Civic EF Hatchback, as featured in the 2013 Hot Import Nights, definitely reminds me of those Japanese Kanjo style race cars, albeit this car now having evolved to keep up with the times, getting influence from today’s stance era as evident in the stretched tires and aggressive wheel offset.

Nevertheless, this is something that feels very “Kanjo Style Osaka JDM”. Would you agree?

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One Response to Kanjo Racer Style Honda Civic EF Hatchback

  1. Theo says:

    well, i have to agree… if you we’re to ask me, basically these cars were the kansai(correct me if i’m wrong) counterparts of the shutokou racers…

    seeing this picture makes my mind confused among which of my faves will i buy…

    nice feature anyways!