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The boys at DZ Racing have done it again with another Honda S2000, this time tricked-out with goodies from one of Japan’s greatest body kit makers – J’S Racing. The car you see here, as featured in the 2012 Manila Auto Salon, has just about everything you can find from the J’S Racing catalog – the full Type-S aero package.

What’s special about this particular body kit is that this had been developed by J’S Racing with one objective in mind – to win races. They have become so successful with this kit that in 2004, an astounding 80% of the field of Honda S2000’s in Japan’s Super Taikyu Series was wearing this kit. This was definitely a kit that had the “go” to match the “show”.

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The front bumper is definitely a work of art. Not just in form, but in function too. Each curve, each appendage, and each duct served a purpose – from the radiator shroud, the air ducts, and brake ducts, were designed to route the right amount of air into vital mechanical components for cooling purposes, while the rest of the panels such as that massive carbon-fiber splitter extends all the way to the oil pan to generate the maximum amount of downforce.

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Then there’s the front fender, which essentially widens each side by 35mm. This is something that will only work with the Type-S front bumper, as it wouldn’t fit on the factory front bumper. The front fender is designed in such a way that it vents and streamlines the air trapped inside the wheel arches, reducing drag, and improving top speed. Though visibly it may look quite simple, it actually consists of four parts on each side: the fender arch, the bumper extension, the inner air guide, and the carbon fiber fender duct – which prevents unwanted air inflow coming from the sides, further improving the car’s achievable top speeds.

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While the extended front fender helps to improve cornering performance through a wider track width, while aiding in improving top speed through its aerodynamic design, the Type-S side skirts with carbon under panel are aerodynamically designed to maintain an area of low pressure underneath the car, so that the higher pressure above the car will effectively be applied as downforce, thanks in part to the hard top, which I must say, makes the S2000 look more like a proper sports car than a cruising roadster.

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At the back, we all know what the wing does. But that’s not all that’s pictured here. You’ll see another set of wide body rear fenders that increase rear track width by 40mm, aiding to further improve handling. As with the front fender, it also features an air vent to streamline the air flow. Meanwhile, the Type-S Rear Bumper features air ducts designed to reduce the drag caused by the parachute-like effect caused by air being trapped inside the factory rear bumper on most cars. As this further improves top speed performance, the carbon side fins serve to streamline the air on the sides of the car, contributing to additional downforce.

Because of all that, I think that this is probably one of the best body kits ever made for the Honda S2000. And there’s no reason why anyone who is looking to modify their S2000 shoulnd’t get one. Wouldn’t you agree?

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