Touchdown: Rauh-Welt Begriff Manila has arrived!

Photo by Andy Rodriguez

Ian King's RWB

Several months back, there was talk of RWB or Rauh-Welt Begriff coming into the country. After digging around who would take on the challenge of bringing the sought after Porsche tuning brand from Japan, we discovered it was Ian King and the guys at Car Porn Racing who would be playing host to the latest tuner brand to find its way to our shores.

Once word came that the build for the first RWB Porsche (plus two more) in the country was about to begin, we made sure that CPR would be there to witness and document the whole event for you. Stay tuned for our complete build feature which will be coming soon since the build is still in progress as of this writing.

As we all wait, allow us to tease you with the nearly finished RWB Manila Car#1. Anyboby who would care to guess what the name of the car will be?

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