Keith Haw’s Porsche Cayman S

Photos by THE aSTIG and Philip Aragones

Keith Haw Porsche Cayman S Custom Pinoy Rides Philip Aragones

Keith Haw is THE MAN to talk to if you’re looking to get an exotic set of DPE custom forged wheels here in the Philippines. And if there’s one thing I know about Keith, it’s that he’s a guy who doesn’t take shortcuts. To him, things better be done right, otherwise, there’s no point in doing it at all. That type of philosophy translates into his passion for cars. Just take a look at his spectacular Porsche Cayman S. What Keith has done was to take Porsche’s award-winning sports car, and sourced nothing but the best aftermarket and performance parts he can put his hands on. It didn’t matter if he had to bring in parts from abroad, so long as he got what he wanted. No shortcuts, no easy way out.

Read on to see the rest of the photos as well as the full spec sheet of Keith Haw’s stunning Porsche Cayman S…

Keith Haw Porsche Cayman S Custom Pinoy Rides pic1
The exterior of Keith’s ride is made up of probably what is the most beautiful body kit ever made for the Porsche Cayman S – the TechArt GT body kit. Created by German Porsche tuner TechArt Automobildesign GmbH, Keith installed their Front Bumper with Dual Fogs, Side Skirts, and Rear Wing. And even their Side Mirrors! The only thing that wasn’t a TechArt piece in the body kit was the Side Ram Air Vents, which he sourced from MotorLux. These air vents are known by Porsche-philes to increase air flow similar to how hood scoops work in front-engined cars.

The MotorLux Side Ram Air Vents then sends the air into the engine through an Evosport Intake Kit, IPD Intake Plenum, and GT3 82mm Throttle Body, before it gets burned in the flat six’s combustion chambers. This is then exhaled through Fabspeed Long Tube Headers, and finally through a Cargraphic Full Exhaust System. All this breathing is being controlled through a Spring Booster Throttle Control, and managed by a Softronic Tuned ECU.

Keith Haw Porsche Cayman S Custom Pinoy Rides pic2
If there’s one thing that’s most important in making a car look good, body kit or not, it’s getting the right wheels for your car. And since Keith is the DPE Wheels guy here in the Philippines, of course he installed none other than a set of DPE Wheels for his ride. Specifically DPE CS5 V1 Forged Wheels in 20 x 9 inches up front…

Keith Haw Porsche Cayman S Custom Pinoy Rides pic3
… and a massive 20 x 11 inches at the back. These special wheels were finished in Brushed Aluminum Stage2 Tint Face, and Chromed Lip. These were then wrapped in Falken FK452 Tires 235/30r20 (F) & 285/25r20 (R).

Keith’s Porsche sits nicely on these DPE wheels via KW Coilovers, and RSS Adjustable Arms and Sway Bars. This will ensure that this isn’t just about form, but function too!

Keith Haw’s Porsche Cayman S

TechArt GT Front Bumper with Dual Fogs
TechArt GT Side Skirt
TechArt GT Rear Wing
TechArt Side Mirror
MotorLux Side Ram Air Vents

Suncoast Porsche Aluminum Sports Pedal Set
Suncoast Porsche Silver Colored Center Console
Suncoast Porsche Deviated Red Seatbelt
Suncoast Porsche Floor Mats
Euro Motorspeed 2DIN Dash Kit
Sony XAV722 Head Unit
Pioneer Speakers
LED Light Interior Kit

Evosport Intake Kit
IPD Intake Plenum
GT3 82mm Throttle Body
Fabspeed Long Tube Headers
Cargraphic Full Exhaust System
Sprint Booster Throttle Control
Softronic Tuned ECU

Suspension and Brakes:
KW Coilovers
RSS Adjustable Swaybars
RSS Adjustable Arms
Pagid Racing Brake Pads
Stoptech SS Brake Lines

Wheels & Tires:
DPE CS5 V1 Forged Wheels 20x9F and 20x11R (Brushed Aluminum Stage2 Tint Face and Chrome Lip Finish)
Falken FK452 Tires 235/30r20 (F) & 285/25r20 (R)

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