Korean Star

Korean Star - Hyundai Accent Stanced and Hellaflushed

Korean music or Kpop whatever you call it are in trend these days. Some people are getting OC about it, some just like them and some just hate them. I wonder, but no offense. Is it because of those girl looking men, indescribable fashion and etc?

Anyway here at custompinoyrides, we bring you a real Korean star. Yes! Well literally, it is a Korean car wearing star looking wheels. Last January 26, 2013, at the Car Mavens Auto show in SM center Las Piñas, There is a car that instantly caught my attention – this Hyundai Accent. As we know Hyundai is a Korean car company. And historically, people in the car customizing community used to ignore Korean cars because they’re so busy tuning their Japanese Honda Civics and other JDM cars. But then it changed.

The reason why this Accent caught my attention is, well come on! Look at that! Low ride height, wide wheels, stretched tires, I mean look at the fitment! It looked meaty and sexy at the same time. Look how gorgeously the car sits right there. It changed the whole looks from a rate of 4 up to 10 by just tuning the wheels and suspension.

But the thing is when you drive it, going over speed bumps or humps will definitely be huge challenge. So does driving it in a bad road conditions. With lowering springs that have been cut to go even lower, according to the owner “Panalo sa tagtag pre”. Expect to feel every irregularity on the road while driving it. Well it’s like give and take actually. Getting in the stance game with this setup will give you a good looking ride, but it takes away the driving comfort. But who cares? I’m still a fan of low cars and I will always be. The question is does it catch your attention too?

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2 Responses to Korean Star

  1. curiouscommenter says:

    where did you get your lip? :)

  2. drubskimustdie says:

    what wheels are those? look like Ferrari F40 wheels.