Don Pastor Buttonwillow Raceway Global Time Attack 2012 Practice Run

Don Pastor 2012 Global Time Attack Buttonwillow Raceway Practice Custom Pinoy Rides

Now this is Pinoy Pride right here. Pinoy Car Enthusiasts know of our very own Don Pastor – the 2009 Driver of the Year and Philippine Touring Car Champion, who moved to the US in 2010 to continue his racing career. Here, he shows us just what he’s been up to – competing in the 2012 Global Time Attack at Buttonwillow Raceway on the 7th of November, 2012.

In this video, Don shows us his practice run on the 21st of October, 2012…

The car that Don is driving here in this video is a 500+hp Subaru RS by Renner Motorsport. This actually happened to be the back-up car, as the main car got its computer box fried not long before this practice run.

Renner Motorsport Don Pastor Buttonwillow Global Time Attack 2012 Custom Pinoy Rides
The main car – a 680hp BMW M3 by Renner Motorsport, was undergoing repairs so Don could drive it in time for the actual event on the 7th of November.

Don went on to score a double win during the actual event, winning second overall, and first place in his class. Official results are on the Global Time Attack website.

Hopefully we can show you a video of the actual run during the event, but in the meantime, let’s take a ride with Don aboard the Impreza as he takes us around Buttonwillow Raceway for his practice run.

Check out the video below…

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