Jaguar XKR-S Drift

Jaguar XKR-S Drift Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography Errol Panganiban

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you say Jaguar? Well, Jaguar is a brand known for its luxury and refinement. Ownership is something you can definitely be proud of. You’ll never be ashamed of saying “I drive a Jaguar”. But Filipino drifter Ian King completely changed that perspective.

Last September 22, 2012, Jaguar Philippines and Monster Energy Partnered with Ian King and his team of drifters. Jaguar Philippines displayed their lineup during the event, and they also celebrated the arrival of XKR-S in the Philippine market. Lo and behold, Ian used that very same XKR-S that you can get from the showroom floor to play around the track and show everyone what drifting is all about.

Suddenly, that same afternoon, mother nature decided to put Ian and the XKR-S to the test. A heavy downpour of rain drenched the track until it was completely wet and slippery, to the point where a lot of the other drift cars competing in the event experienced everything from minor to major accidents because of the slippery track. But that didn’t stop Ian. Despite the rain, he continued to drift the XKR-S on the slick surface with pure confidence, flushing down all thoughts of crashing pristine Jag into the wall. Ian just proved that the Jaguar XKR-S, with its 510 Horsepower V8, can handle slides and transitions just about any surface you can encounter – wet or dry.

If you have the budget, this may just be the right car for you to play around with. You can look forward to experiencing its superb performance, whether you’re opting to go seriously fast, or seriously sideways, all while giving you the style, comfort, and prestige that you can only e you can expect from the luxurious brand that is – Jaguar.

After seeing the Jaguar drift that day has completely changed how people see the brand. Saying “I drive a Jaguar.” will never be enough. “I drive a Jaguar, and yes, I drift it.” is what you can look forward to.

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