CPR Project Car >> Nissan Cefiro A32 “PROJECT MAJESTY” (Part 4)

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As with any other car, it was time to replenish the engine oil on our Project Majesty Nissan Cefiro A32. And with engine oil being one of the most vital fluids your car would ever need, I wanted to get the best engine oil which I could get my hands on.

I don’t know about you, but for me, when it comes to oil changes, cost is the last thing I ever consider. Bear in mind that the cost of oil is only around 1% of the running costs and cost of ownership of your vehicle over its lifespan. And with the many benefits you could get from getting good oil, such as performance, fuel efficiency, and longevity, the advantages far outweigh the expense.

Right, so here we go. The factory recommends 5W30 motor oil for the Cefiro’s award-winning Nissan VQ20 engine. When it comes to oil, the best 5W30 oils available are, of course, the fully synthetic motor oils. With many different manufacturers producing 5W30 weight oil, research and online testimonials narrow the brands down to these three: Mobil 1, AMSOIL, and Royal Purple.

If you’d like to do some research as well, feel free to do so. If I may recommend one resource where people talk about oil like we talk about cars, then here’s a site you may want to visit or join – BobIsTheOilGuy.com If there’s a community that talks about oil as if it were rocket science, it doesn’t get any more niche than the guys at BITOG.

So what’s the verdict about the three oil brands I’ve mentioned? Basically, you couldn’t go wrong with any of them. Here’s a statement from the BITOG site that probably sums it all up:

Honestly, if you took 3 engines from day one and ran Royal Purple on one. Mobil 1 on the next, and Amsoil on the third. Did 10K oil changes… in the end of the life cycle of the three engines… very little mileage difference between the three would be seen when they finally wore out.

So with that, I decided to find a place where I could get the best bang-for-the-buck to buy any of those three in 5W30 weight here in the Philippines. And the best bang-for-the-buck place that I’ve found was a shop which some of you might already know about – Speedy Fix in San Juan, Metro Manila. They’re an authorized dealer of Royal Purple motor oils, and with their ongoing Royal Purple Fully Synthetic oil change promo where you get four liters of Royal Purple motor oil (5W30, 10W30, 10W40, 15W40, or 20W50), Oil Filter, and Labor, all for Php 2,700 (as of the time of this writing), it’s surely a winner in my books.

So off I go to Speedy Fix to give Project Majesty some much needed TLC…

Project Majesty Nissan Cefiro A32 Custom Pinoy Rides Royal Purple pic2
On jackstands, getting the old oil drained out…

Project Majesty Nissan Cefiro A32 Custom Pinoy Rides Royal Purple pic3
We’re putting in Royal Purple 5W30 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil, along with a VIC C415 Oil Filter.

Project Majesty Nissan Cefiro A32 Custom Pinoy Rides Royal Purple pic4
Would you look at that? Royal Purple Motor Oil is indeed colored Purple!

Project Majesty Nissan Cefiro A32 Custom Pinoy Rides Royal Purple pic5
Royal Purple Fully Synthetic Motor Oil should be good for an oil change interval of up to 10k or 1 Year, whichever comes first, as opposed to the more conventional Mineral Oil used in other vehicles which have an oil change interval of 5k.

In my personal opinion, when people say “up to 10k oil change intervals”, it’s actually in Miles and not Kilometers. So 10k miles is actually 16,090 km. Still, to get best results, better to stick with whatever oil change interval the factory recommends.

So you guys might be wondering how it all went? Well, I’ll update you with the long-term review probably on my next oil change. But as for the short-term results, after 2 full tanks of gas since the oil change, fuel consumption is at 8.46 km/l when I was averaging at at 8.35 km/l prior to the oil change. Not bad!

I’d personally like to thank Migs Herrera of Speedy Fix for being very helpful and accommodating. I’d surely recommend his shop – Speedy Fix, to anyone who wants to run Royal Purple motor oil in their cars.

Thanks for reading in guys! Meanwhile, stay tuned as next month, we’ll be doing some awesome upgrades on Project Majesty. Let’s talk soon!

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  1. Felipe Mas says:

    Nice ride! Although I believe the correct ViC oil filter for a VQ would be a C-225.