Mexiflush Autocraft Drift Goodyear Racing R33 Nissan Skyline Norman Agojo Custom Pinoy Rides pic1

In the Philippines, Team AutoCraft is one of the most well-known teams in the world of Drifting. With numerous wins in their bag, they’ve become a spectacle to look out for.

This year, they’ve got onlookers at them again, with the new wheel fitment style they’re showcasing on their drift cars. If the “Hellaflush” trend has been making its waves here in the Philippines, then they’re defying all odds poking at it with some “Mexiflush“.

Mexi what!? Ok let’s define what it means: Mexiflush is when the wheels are simply too wide for the wheel arches that they poke out beyond the fenders. Both the wheels and tires poke out.

Some say inspiration came from the hotrods of the old days, or from 4×4 offroaders. But what I think is that the term “Mexi” was because of those Mexican lowrider cars on hydraulic suspension. Whatever it may be, the Mexiflush fitment gives a car a whole new image. Looks like you can get tons of grip with all that big fat rubber! But then the question is, will this will actually be functional on a drift car? Or is it more for form than function? Let’s find out! Read on…

Mexiflush Autocraft Drift Goodyear Racing R33 Nissan Skyline Norman Agojo Custom Pinoy Rides pic2
Norman Agojo’s Haltech PS1000-powered R33 Skyline

Mexiflush Autocraft Drift Audel Sison 1JZ Nissan S13 Silvia Jawbone Custom Pinoy Rides pic1
The latest iteration of AutoCraft Team Principal Audel Sison’s (a.k.a. Dr. Drift) Toyota 1JZ-powered Nissan S13 Silvia named “Jawbone”. Why? Check out that front bumper and tell me if that doesn’t look like a jawbone.

Mexiflush Autocraft Drift Audel Sison Nissan S13 Silvia 1JZ Jawbone Custom Pinoy Rides pic2
“Jawbone” just screams with attitude, thanks in part to that banged-up exterior. This is, after all, a purpose-built drift car. And yes, you need a massive engine to burn all that rubber. Ever wonder if the tires mess up the fenders when it’s going full tilt while drifting? More on that later. Read on.

Mexiflush Autocraft Drift Norman Agojo Nissan S13 Silvia 2JZ Slingshot Custom Pinoy Rides
Norman Agojo’s Nissan S15 Silvia named “Slingshot”. Powered by 2JZ engine no $#!+! Both Slingshot and Jawbone are already sporting wide body kits, yet the wheels still poke way beyond the fenders showing off that big fat rubber. Nothing that 2JZ can’t handle!

Tin Tin David Nissan 350Z Autocraft Drift Custom Pinoy Rides
Tin Tin David’s Nissan 350Z. Ok it’s not really poking and is closer to Hellaflush than Mexi (Hellaflush definition here), I just wanted to post this coz it was reppin’ AutoCraft. Matte black and camo is the theme. What do you think of it guys?

Mexiflush Autocraft Drift Norman Agojo Mazda RX-7 FD Custom Pinoy Rides pic1
Anyways, going back to Mexiflush fitment, Norman Agojo’s Mazda RX-7 looks aggressive in every way!

Mexiflush Autocraft Drift Norman Agojo Mazda RX-7 FD Custom Pinoy Rides pic2
For those who haven’t seen one in person, the RX-7 is quite a small car. But the massive wheels on Mexiflush fitment give it a huge presence. Quite unique as well since most tuned RX-7’s usually have a ground-hugging appearance, while this rendition favors track width over extremely low ride height.

(Photos taken during the 2012 Hot Import Nights event. <-- See more coverage of the event here.) Ok, now to answer the question: "Is Mexiflush Functional on a Drift Car?", or is it form over function? It seems the boys at AUTOCRAFT have pulled it off well. Their formula seems to be Gobs of Engine Power plus Large Tire Contact Patch plus the Right Driver equals More Tire Smoke and a Better Show. Check out the video to see what I mean.

Autocraft Drift
Film BY Ryan / Redg D Creator studio
Music : "Lecrae – Jesus Muzik (Dubstep Remix by Karac) DJ Triune
Location: king's playground taguig

So what do you guys think of “Mexiflush”? Are you willing to go “MEXI time” on your ride?

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  1. Zee says:

    That Z is manly. :) Not a fan of the look on R33 GTs though… nice plate numbers although it is not a GT-R. LMAO. :D