The All-New Ford Ranger

All New Ford Ranger Custom Pinoy Rides

We shot the All-New Ford Ranger during the last Ford Club Philippines 10-Year Anniversary. Let me tell you this, I think it looks awesome.

From a styling perspective, I’ve always liked the Toyota Hilux better than the previous rendition of the Ford Ranger. But for this latest version, I’m pretty impressed! It’d be a good platform for any sort of mods you’d like to do with it. Audio, Offroad, Slammed to the ground, or just about anything!

I can’t wait to see modified versions of this in upcoming car shows. Bring it on!

Check out all the features of the All-New Ford Ranger on the Ford Philippines website. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to The All-New Ford Ranger

  1. charles grageda says:

    :it’s going to be:
    Fix Or Repair Daily —– FORD
    Found On Road Dead —– FORD

  2. low rider with a banging audio install nd a 16″ lcd nd counter clockwise matchin color spinners(matte orange)