Coolest Police Car in the Philippines?

Coolest Police Car Nissan S15 Silvia Custom Pinoy Rides Hot Import Nights

Is this the coolest police car in the Philippines or what?

Okay, okay, I know it’s not a real police car, but rather, it’s the theme of this Nissan S15 Silvia show car. But wouldn’t it be cool if it were real? This is the stuff little kids who could be potential race car drivers when they grow up dream about when they play cops and robbers, car chase edition! The fact that it’s now a life-size driveable car is just totally awesome. Won’t you agree?

Photo taken during the 2012 Hot Import Nights.

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8 Responses to Coolest Police Car in the Philippines?

  1. Daniel Makkonen via Facebook says:


  2. Sandra Lim Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted

  3. stance pilipinas / manila fitted represent

  4. mike c says:

    japanese plates.

  5. too bad ndi cya pde gamitin sa lbas..huli. hehe

  6. Edu Mansanas via Facebook says:

    khit anong police car ipagamit mo sa mga philippine police kahit bigyan mo pa sila ng high power guns wala parin kwenta dahil halos dina sila rinerespeto ng mga tao abusado ee!

  7. Archie Francisco via Facebook says:

    that is a japanese plate…