The Coolest Car I’ve Ever Seen

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2011 Scion tC Tuner Challenge Winner by Shawn Baker

The Coolest Car I’ve Ever Seen

Believe it or not, the coolest car I’ve ever seen is the 2011 Toyota Scion TC. This car is available in a variety of colors, including a light, smoke gray, ebony, as well as a a darker shade of gray called, appropriately enough, magnetic gray. One of the best things about this car is it’s decidedly at variance with the conventional, “box type” Scions that Toyota unveiled close to 10 years ago. Its shape has been refined to resemble a sleek sports car. In fact, at just above or just under $20,000, the TC is just about the cheapest two-door coupe that is available. Depending on how good a customer’s credit score is, this vehicle can be financed (either as a lease or as a purchase) for approximately $250 a month. It’s not easy to find a brand new car that only costs $250 a month. Although it takes conventional unleaded fuel, there’s plenty of info to learn about diesel vehicles at


What’s great about the Scion TC is it comes loaded with several valuable accessories that transforms typical driving experiences into decidedly pleasurable ones. It comes with a panoramic glass moon roof with both power tilting and power sliding, which can be used to soak the sun’s rays or the moon’s shine—depending on one’s own personal preference. The stereo system is designed to handle just about anyone’s musical needs or wants, as it comes with a 300 watt AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA player that’s augmented by eight speakers (including a sub-woofer that has plenty of bass). There are also ports to connect auxiliary players through both USB as well as for conventional iPod adaptors. Backseat passengers have their very own roof window as well, which also leads into another point that despite the fact that this vehicle is a coupe, it has a backseat that is fairly roomy.


Those who might want to test drive this vehicle will be surprised at how much more spacious it actually is on the inside, as opposed to how moderate-sized this vehicle looks on the inside. In fact, the trunk of the TC raises up like a hatch, and there’s more copious space to store an assortment of items. Furthermore, the back seats can also be pushed down to allow for more room to fit stuff in. It’s actually possible to load up one’s entire belongings (for a bachelor or a bachelorette) and move everything but for the heavy furniture—beds, futons, etc..—and have a good time while doing it. Also, the bucket seats in the front of the car have a type of muscle memory where even if you adjust them by moving the up or back, they’ll still remember their original position if one wants them to. Those interested in learning more about cars have plenty of options for an automotive education.

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    Nice! This Scion was created by R Miller Auto. I also like the way they created their Chevy Cruze. You can check their website at