February 2012 Car Photography Club Photo Contest Best in Theme Winner: Michael Kalbo

Lotus Evora photography by Michael Kalbo
Camera: Nikon D300s
Lens: 24-70 f2.8 @ f4.5 & 1/10th sec, ISO200
View bigger at www.blog.michaelkalbo.com

As agreed by the Car Photography Club members, beginning the month of February, we will now have a “People’s Choice award” (annouced in the previous post), as well as a “Best in Theme award”.

Our judges for the “Best in Theme” award are myself, THE aSTIG, founder of Custom Pinoy Rides as well as the Car Photography Club; multi-award-winning photographer Jundio Salvador; and Patrick Lauder, whose work you’ve probably already seen in various websites and magazines such as Import Tuner, Honda Tuning, Modified Magazine, EuroTuner, Canibeat, and more.

We judges are proud to announce the winner of the February 2012 Car Photography Club “Best in Theme” award winner – let’s all put our hands together for Michael Kalbo! His Lotus Evora photo stood out in the eyes of the judges. Here’s what we had to say about it:

Jundio Salvador says:
“My choice is Michael Kalbo. His entry stands out due to his processing and lighting technique. Floor horizon is perfectly aligned on 1/3, highlights, shadows and midtones are very accented by variable lighting, color red is localized by the high dynamic effect, subject (which shows only the the facade vista)-gives a feeling of mystery on the whole car itself.”

THE aSTIG says:
“Michael Kalbo wins it because the thought process he has done to make that shot looks like it had been executed well. It was obviously a planned shoot, and the effort done in terms of lighting alone is outstanding. He has managed to achieve the right ratio between background/ambient light and the light used to illuminate the car. It looks to me as if he had used a light meter to get the ratio for the lights as well as the camera settings just right so as for the background light to not burn into the subject. The result is a high-key HDR effect that looks like it could go into a magazine advert or brochure. Nicely done.”

Patrick Lauder says:
“Clean Lighting, simple and straight to the point.”

We look forward to seeing more of your awesome photos. Congratulations!

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