Atoy Customs Genesis Amuse 2012 Updates – More Power!

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If you guys have been following us, you must have heard us talking about the multi award winning Atoy Customs Genesis Amuse on our previous features. Well, I’d just like to provide you guys with an update on how the car is doing and how it’s currently looking like. And what better place to shoot it than at it’s very own home base – the Atoy Customs garage.

Read on to find out the latest updates, especially on the engine bay, plus watch a bonus video below. Check it out!

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Atoy looks into the camera from inside the car. He’s rollin’ like a rockstar! And a few days from now, that stock seat that Atoy is sitting on will be replaced with a Recaro Racing Seat – perfect for a car like this don’t you think? The Genesis Amuse has built up a nice collection of stickers from sponsors and partners to compliment the car nicely. Previously it was sporting just an ultra-clean all-white paint job. The tricycle in the background? Only in the Philippines! Hahaha!

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I’m enjoying my brand-new 18-200 lens from this perspective. Up to this point I’ve never used any long-range lenses in any of my photos here at Custom Pinoy Rides. And even for my action shots during motorsports events, I’ve always preferred to shoot near the action right beside the track instead of shooting from afar. Until recently, when some race marshals permitted me to go only up to a certain distance. So I decided to get a superzoom anyway for that extra reach. I see it’s not too bad a lens so long as you know how to use it right! This photo was shot right across the street. Nice! See that thing peaking from the Genesis Amuse’s gaping mouth? FMIC baby! More on that in a bit.

Atoy Customs Genesis Amuse Custom Pinoy Rides pic4
I love looking at this car from this angle. It just looks so gnarly! And check out the Atoy bus on the left. Took a record 3 days to build that. I’ll try to show you guys some photos of the inside once the bathroom is installed haha! The one on the right is another ongoing project.

Atoy Customs Genesis Amuse Custom Pinoy Rides pic5
I love this shot. Makes you feel like you’re in a different country, thanks to the Korean(?) markings on the bus behind the Genesis. Though if you’re familiar with stuff in the Philippines, the sign on the left is a dead giveaway – Chickboy! Haha! Oh and of course the plate on the L300 on the right. This shot also gives you a view of how wide the front tires are, wrapped in 19×9.5 wheels. (The rears are actually wider at 19×10.5). But the best thing about this shot is that it shows the Genesis Amuse sporting a large Front Mount Intercooler. Makes you curious as to what’s lurking under the hood yes? Let’s check it out!

Atoy Customs Genesis Amuse Custom Pinoy Rides pic6
The engine bay is where the most recent updates are. Our good friend Kim Garcia brought in a tuner all the way from Korea, then he got together various members of the Genesis Club here in the Philippines who were willing to get their computer boxes tuned. After the tune, Atoy’s 2.0L Turbo Genesis Amuse mustered a fantastic 236 Wheel Horsepower, with the stock turbo! Thanks in part to additional modifications, specifically an HKS filter and large FMIC, both from DMF Drift, and an HKS exhaust system. But soon after this shoot, the HKS exhaust was replaced with a an even more aggressive sounding Borla exhaust system to add a more commanding presence once people hear the Atoy Genesis Amuse coming in. Admit it guys, even you would like to look great and sound great at the same time right?

Atoy Customs Genesis Amuse Custom Pinoy Rides pic7
The Genesis Amuse right beside the Toyo Power Skyline.

Atoy Customs Genesis Amuse Custom Pinoy Rides pic8
On to some other cars parked outside the garage, Ton Llave, Atoy’s younger brother, owns this sweet and rare Honda Civic Domani. And since he’s an active member of the Stance Pilipinas crew, of course you’d expect a neatly stanced ride. This car deserves a feature of it’s own. More to come on this one so stay tuned.

Atoy Customs Genesis Amuse Custom Pinoy Rides pic9
My last picture on this post, a photo of this beautiful R34 currently being worked on by the Atoy Customs crew. You’d probably see this in some of the upcoming events. Watch out for it!

Last but not least, for all of you guys who are wondering if the Genesis Amuse will or can actually drift, of course it can! And this video from a fellow blogger at SprocketPH proves it. Atoy did some donuts and figure eights with the Genesis last February 11th, daring to do so even if the Genesis hasn’t been driven for more than 1,000km from the showroom floor! Haha! So if you didn’t see this in person during the B2B Love Cars Babes event, here it is for your viewing pleasure. Check it out! This video was taken a few weeks before I shot the photos you see above.

Atoy Drifts Hyundai Genesis Coupe Rockstar! from on Vimeo.

Last Feb 11, 2012 at Ortigas Home Depot Atoy’s New Hyundai Genesis Coupe made a side trip at B2b LOVE CARS BABES 2 event. Here you will see that he drifted around 3 cars doing figure 8s. He talks about this new ride, the mods he made for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe .

So do you guys like how the Genesis Amuse is coming along? I do. That’s all for now. Let’s talk soon guys!

If you’re interested in getting the Atoy Customs Genesis Amuse body kit for your very own Hyundai Genesis, email for details. Cheers!

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