Presenting… The LanEVO – CustomPinoyRides 2012 Calendar!

Photos by Car Photography Club Members THE aSTIG, Philip Aragones, Karl San Luis, and Andy Rodriguez

Better late than never. We did a ton of shoots last year of different car clubs and groups, and have a whole lot of adventure stores to tell about it. We did this so we can give back to the automotive community by offering something they can hang on their walls to remind them everyday of the fun and camaraderie involved in being part of a car club.

It took a while for us to finish designing the calendar layouts and to make the photos match, as it was our first time in doing this and we found that it was harder than we had expected. But now that we got the hang of things, rest assured that this will be the first of many many more to come. And I promise we will be more timely on our future endeavors.

Our first calendar release is for the LanEVO Club Philippines. There is a story behind how the club came to be, and you can read about on our previous feature here. But let me tell you our story of how this calendar came about.

It took the combined efforts of 4 extremely talented Car Photography Club members whose names you see above. There’s Karl San Luis, who is probably best known in the motorsports community for his work gracing the pages of the best drifting resource on the planet –; Andy Rodriguez, who is almost like a politician when he is seen in automotive events, as he is known by just about everyone in the industry, and he also shoots for C! Magazine as well as Power Wheels; Philip Aragones, who is my photography partner-in-crime covering events for CPR, and is undoubtedly the most talented Photoshop retoucher amongst us; and then there’s me, THE aSTIG (I only give my real name to those I meet in person), founder of Custom Pinoy Rides, as well as the Car Photography Club.

Well, to cut the story short, it doesn’t mean that you have a multitude of talented photographers working on a project at the same time, that you will have the greatest output ever. Lesson learned, it is difficult to combine different shooting styles and preferences into one single calendar with various photos, and make it look “harmonious”. Some of us shot at warmer color temperatures, while some cooler; some preferred natural light, while some used off-camera flash; some produced photos with a more traditional look, while others produced shots with a more edgy style to it.

It took countless hours of time spent sitting in front of a huge computer screen blending the colors and carefully selecting the photos that would go together with each other. The result is something we’re damn proud of. This is probably one of the most awesome car club calendars ever made. And we’re sure you won’t regret hanging this in your room or on your garage wall. Note that this is not a calendar that is mass-produced. You can only get this by order (see email below), hence maintaining exclusivity.

What’s even better is that now that we’ve got the hang of this, we now know the ins and outs of how things should work. So the Custom Pinoy Rides crew is ready to take on custom projects for y’all in the automotive and motorsports community. From personalized photoshoots for individuals and companies to calendars to event coverage to car photobooths (a photobooth big enough to fit a car and it’s owner for club EB’s and events) to large-scale prints, we’re ready to take the challenge. If you’re interested in working with us, shoot me an email at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

In the meantime, see better close-ups of the LanEVO – CustomPinoyRides 2012 Calendar below! Check it out…

LanEVO Club Philippines Custom Pinoy Rides Calendar part1

LanEVO Club Philippines Custom Pinoy Rides Calendar part2

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4 Responses to Presenting… The LanEVO – CustomPinoyRides 2012 Calendar!

  1. Benji Valdez via Facebook says:

    where can we get them calendars?

  2. Benji Valdez – available by order only bro. please email to coordinate orders. thanks man!