DIY Customization: VHT Caliper Paint & Niteshades

Our good friend Justin Uy is here today to show us that customizing our cars by adding color to our brakes, as well as our lights (headlights, tail lights, fog lights, etc.), is not something that involves rocket science. It’s actually very simple, and can be done DIY-style by just about anyone capable of shaking a rattle and pressing the nozzle on a spray can. I’ll leave it to Justin to share his insights. Take it away bro…

VHT Caliper Paint Yellow

When people upgrade and upsize their wheels, most of the time the brakes become more visible. For most cars, brake calipers, rotors and drums come from the factory unpainted and over time, gets coated with brake dust, grime and rust. Here at CustomPinoyRides, that is just unacceptable. Luckily there is a solution readily available here in the Philippines today.

Since brakes can get really hot, VHT (which stands for VERY HIGH TEMPERATURE) has developed a special spray paint for brake calipers that can withstand up to 900°F (482°C). The process is really simple and takes around an hour with the right equipment. The result is a really clean brake caliper that stands out even if the car is in motion.

Spraying some Red VHT Caliper Paint
Spraying-on some red VHT Caliper Paint. First photo on top shows the finished product where the brakes on a Nissan Silvia have been painted yellow using VHT Caliper Paint.

Among other VHT products, VHT Niteshades is also a great way to customize headlights and tail lights for a more aggressive look. The smoked effect is done by spraying on a light coat of VHT Niteshades on the headlight assembly which results in a clean glass-like finish. Not to worry, your brake lights and signal lights will still illuminate in red and amber. No bubbles, melting due to heat, or chipping paint to worry about. We can’t wait to see more black cars in town sporting the “vader look”.

Mazda 6 Headlights painted using VHT Niteshades
Mazda 6 with blacked-out headlights painted with VHT Niteshades.

Before and After:
img5576iu.jpg img5620c.jpg
Tail lights on a Honda Jazz. Before and after, painted with VHT Niteshades.

VHT Caliper Paint and VHT Niteshades
We’re really excited for other DIY projects we can do with VHT. Check out their website – – for a complete list of available specialty paints and available colors. For all of you DIY custom junkies out there, you can call the VHT Manila hotline: 643-3781, or text: 0916-270-5535.

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  1. jerome casticimo says:

    Hindi po ba naapektuhan yung light output ng headlight pag pininturahan ng Vht nite shades paint? Or pang tail light lng siya?