2012 Osaka Motor Show Part 3

And so we continue on to the next exhibits in the Osaka Motor Show.

This is a Campagna T-Rex, a two-seat three-wheeler powered by a 197hp 1400cc Kawasaki engine.

Toyota Megacruiser

Japan’s answer to the American HMMWV, the Toyota Mega Cruiser. This one’s in JGSDF livery.

Formula F

Exedy Formula F race car. It’s powered by a Honda L15A7, the same engine in your typical Jazz or City.

Formula F

TE37’s being put to good use.

G's Prius

The G’s Prius. Looks great, nothing over-the-top.

Team A crew

The Team A crew going at it.

Toyota 86

And we find the piece de resistance: the Toyota 86.

Toyota 86
Toyota 86

Like its BRZ brother, it’s a great looking little car too.

Toyota 86

The 86 exhibit was easily the most crowded in the whole event.

Toyota 86

Finally, Toyota’s making exciting cars again!


We at Team A Motorsports like, well, motorsports. So we didn’t pass up the chance to try out this driving sim, featuring Ayrton Senna’s McLaren-Honda MP4/4 at the Suzuka Circuit.


“Stop driving like an idiot!”

Mazda ladies

The pretty ladies from the Mazda booth. Zoom zoom!

Honda electric

There were even bikes. Here’s a cool retro-modern Honda electric bike. I really hope these bikes make it to production.

Mugen bike

Who knew that there was a Mugen bike?

LFA clutch

This might be the only time I’ll ever see a Lexus LF-A clutch.

All sorts of people went to the motor show.

Young or old.

Random stuff to find.

Random cars to see.


The show really wasn’t limited to a specific class of cars.

That Jimny is just badass.

Check out the very clean kei car.

Looks like we have quite a long way to go.

You’d have to hand it to the people who make these interiors.

A wild Isuzu bus appears!

Talk about rare.

Brace yourselves for Part 4, coming soon!

In case you missed the previous installments of the 2012 Osaka Motor Show <– check them out here.

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  1. Brent says:

    Where’s the pictures? :)

  2. roberto_minosa says:

    My album exceeded the 10GB bandwidth limit. Photobucket sucks hahaha. Sorry. It’ll refresh tomorrow, hopefully.